Best STEM Toys For 4 Year Olds 2023 by ToyBoxAdvisor

STEM toys, more recently known as STEAM toys, are a perfect way to educate and entertain your children. STEM toys change the way your child thinks.

STEM toys can be helpful for both parents and teachers. Best STEM toys for 3-4 year olds can be equally useful in the classrooms and at home. Teachers use STEM toys to engage the whole class in fun activities.

Children unconsciously learn complicated concepts and skills through STEM toys. The market has a range of STEM toys available for children in different age ranges. ToyBoxAdvisor has strict criteria to judge the quality and utility of STEM toys.

We, the research team of ToyBoxAdvisor, have tried and tested a variety of the STEM toys available on the market. Only a small number of STEM toys have managed to pass the test.

Read the article below to know about these best STEM toys for 4 year olds.

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6 Best STEM Toys For 4 Year Olds 2022

1# Design & Drill My First Workbench

Design & Drill My First Workbench

Design & Drill My First Workbench


This toy contains small parts which pose a choking hazard for children under three years. Some parents give this toy to their two-year-old child. You should avoid the choking hazard as children under three years like to put any toy in their mouth.


The manufacturer recommended age for this toy is 3 to 7 years. This toy is so colorful that it grabs the attention of a two-year-old.


The tools in this toy are very similar to the everyday tools used for construction or maintenance. The storage tray in this toy reflects the storage facility used to store real tools.

STEM Learning

This toy demonstrates the potential of real-time work tools. It is a smart choice to inculcate engineering sense in your children. Children can learn to use common work tools through this toy. Kids can learn construction skills through this toy.

The battery-powered drill makes drilling fun for your kids. Kids experience the real power of hammering through this toy which is good for developing fine motor skills.


As reported by the manufacturer, the item weight of this toy is 5.5 pounds. Even a two-year-old can easily handle this toy. The hammer in this toy can be difficult for some kids, but they can easily use it to take out screws.

The hammering in this toy set is very similar to the real hammering. It is loud, and kids love it. The drill in this toy does not make much noise. It makes a whirring sound. The battery-powered drill is easy to handle.  


This toy set is sturdy. It is made of high-quality plastic. Even if a wire breaks in the battery-powered drill, it can be fixed through soldering.

As this toy set carries a battery-powered screwdriver, batteries can drain out after some time. You have to keep replacement batteries to keep using the screwdriver, or your kid can use it in the old style.

Parts Replacement

Customers do not find it easy to replace the hammer and drill in this toy set. Customers with a broke hammer were not able to get a replacement from the company.  

Design Book

It is good to know that there are good designs in this book. But kids do not pay heed to the designs in the book.

The freedom to use this toy in any way kids like is valuable and more fun.

Value for Money

This is a pricey toy. The price tag is way lower than the unlimited fun and learning your kid attains through this toy.

What makes it special?

The STEM element of this toy is different from the other toys. This toy is similar to the real tools, making it unique for your children.


  • Screwdriver.
  • Drill.
  • Hammer.
  • Screw storage is good.


  • No parts replacement.

2# Plugo Count by PlayShifu (stem toys for 4-5 year olds)

Plugo Count by PlayShifu

Plugo Count by PlayShifu


This toy is not for children under three years. There is a choking hazard for children under three years. This toy contains small magnets. Small magnets (if swallowed) can be dangerous for children under three years.


This toy is suitable for kids with age between 4 to 10 years.  

Product Outlook

This toy comes in two boxes. These boxes contain a foldable gamepad, count spike, and blocks. These blocks come with symbols of different numbers and arithmetic operators.


PlugoShifu is an award-winning toy manufacturer. You can trust the quality of this toy.Some users become disappointed quickly due to the device compatibility issue. So, please make sure that your mobile device is compatible before buying this toy.

How to set up?

You have to set up the gaming pad on a flat surface. Place the count spike at the end of the gaming pad. The count spike sticks to the gaming pad due to strong magnets.

Place your mobile device or the tablet at the trap door of the gaming pad. Do not worry, the gaming pad has a holder which prevents your device from falling over. You have to download the gaming app from the Playstore or the App Store.

Note: Keep the count spike exactly opposite the camera. It helps as the device uses the camera in this game.

How does it work?

The gaming app carries multiple mathematical concepts and challenges for children above three years. The gaming app uses the camera of the device to check the results.

The screen stimulates the imagination of your kid. It blends mathematical concepts with stories. It captures the attention of your children.

This is probably the best learning tool that can be used equally in the classroom and at home. This gaming app carries over 250 activities.

This is one hell of a learning toy. It teaches various mathematical concepts and operations to your children. It makes learning fun for your children.


Plugo Count is not compatible with all the mobile devices available in the market. Make sure that your device is compatible with Play Count by PlayShifu before buying this toy.

You need the internet to download the Plugo app from the Playstore and the App Store.


Plugo Count by PlayShifu is compatible with Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire.

Plugo Count is not compatible with the following:

  • Samsung Tab A7
  • Samsung Tab A10.5
  • Samsung Tab S7
  • Samsung Tab S+
  • iPad Pro 12.9
  • Amazon Fire 10

All android devices with a RAM of less than 2 GB and all iPads below the 5th generation may not be compatible with Plugo Count by PlayShifu.


Children may need assistance more than supervision to play this game. At first, children may need assistance in setting up this device. You may face technical issues while setting up the device for the first time.

Don’t worry, PlayShifu provides excellent customer support. The support team will help you overcome the technical issues.

Once you successfully set up the device, your children will love to play with this toy independently. You can control this game’s grade level, and your children can control the games they want to play.


Some parents have reported that this game is too simple for their kindergarteners. It is not a problem as Plugo Count has given you the power to raise the game’s difficulty level.

Kindergarten teachers love to use this Plugo Count in the classroom. It is good to know that you can control the age level in this game. This makes Plugo Count useful and exciting for your children.


Plugo Count is an excellent tool to develop collaboration between children in a classroom. Teachers engage the entire class in fun activities through Plugo Count.

The word problems in this game are simply a cherry on the top. Children can learn to solve math problems through the effective use of this toy.


The Plugo app gives a sense of achievement to your children on the successful completion of a problem. The game is based on engaging stories that capture your children’s interest.


Plugo Count blends learning into your child’s fun time. Plugo Count stimulates the auditory and visual senses of your children. Children learn to recognize the difference between mathematical operators through this toy. Plugo Count is an excellent tool for both teachers and parents.

Parents can use Plugo Count for homeschooling. It is a brilliant method to induce learning and problem-solving in children. Plugo Count also familiarizes children with the smart use of mobile devices.


Plugo Count is a sturdy product. The gaming pad does not come with any electronics or Bluetooth set. It carries high-quality magnets.


Plugo Count is an easy-to-use toy. Once you show children how to set up this toy, they will have no problem handling it.

Value for Money

This toy provides good value for money. Your children will derive endless fun and learning from this toy.


This toy is equally popular among teachers and students. A single set of Plugo Count in the classroom can be a source of fun and learning for the whole class.


The variety of problems in this game makes it all the more challenging and engaging for the kids. Kids do not realize that they are learning mathematics. This toy is especially desirable for kids who love technology.

Kids attain a healthy interaction with technology through this toy. The game in this toy uses high-quality graphics, making it appealing for the kids. Plugo Count is highly recommended for your kids.

What makes it special?

This toy provides a unique, healthy screen time to your children, making it special for them.  


  • High-quality graphics
  • Healthy screen time
  • Engaging stories
  • Unlimited learning
  • You can control the difficulty level
  • Strong magnets


  • Device compatibility issues
  • Difficulty in setting up this toy

3# COUOMOXA Marble Run Building Blocks

COUOMOXA Marble Run Building Blocks

COUOMOXA Marble Run Building Blocks


This toy contains small balls and marbles. There is a choking hazard for children under three years. Couomoxa has made smooth pieces that do not harm your kid. The whole marble set is nontoxic.

This toy set has passed the standard US safety certification for consumers. It holds the US ASTM 963 Safety Certification.


The manufacturer recommended that this marble run set be three years and up. Some parents often buy it for their two-year-old. Know that there are small pieces and marbles in this toy. There is a choking hazard for their children under three years.


The manufacturer has recommended this toy for three years old kids.


This Couomoxa marble run set is incredibly compatible with the Duplo block pieces. There is a minor design difference between the Couomoxa block pieces and the Lego block pieces.


This marble run test is an excellent tool to develop collaboration between children and adults. Both children and their parents can work together to assemble this marble set.


The Couomoxa marble run set has blocks very similar to the blocks of the Duplo set. They have a similar outlook. In fact, children cannot easily spot differences between the Couomoxa and Duplo block pieces.

The Duplo block pieces and the Couomoxa block pieces have a circle at their bottom. This square base with a circle at the bottom helps the pieces to connect with each other.


The Duplo block pieces connect more tightly with each other. This is because Duplo blocks have a well-designed connection circle at the bottom.

The Couomoxa blocks, too, have a connection circle at the bottom. The Couomoxa blocks do not have an accurately designed connection circle.

Duplo blocks have circles at their bottom with minor indents on the inner sides. These minor indents strengthen the bonds between the pieces. This straightforward design error reduces the connection strength of the Couomoxa block pieces.


The Couomoxa marble run set has a stability issue. Imagine your child has successfully assembled the whole marble set. Your child is happy, and you gently touch the marble run set.

The whole marble set will collapse! And you will have a crying child. The stability of this toy renders the whole thing useless.

The stability of this toy is very frustrating for children. You should complement Couomoxa marble run pieces with Duplo blocks to improve stability.

Ball Material and Size

Couomoxa should be praised for making bigger balls with hollow plastic. These plastic balls are more durable than marble glass balls.


Many people expect these blocks to be the same as Legos. There is a difference between Legos and the Couomoxa marble run set.


This is an excellent toy to improve your child’s dexterity. Kids love to assemble this toy. The fun pieces in this toy set are a bonus.

STEM Learning

This toy is super-colorful. It enhances your child’s color identification. Couomoxa has maintained the flexibility element of this toy.

Couomoxa marble run sharpens the hand-eye coordination of your kid. You can test your kid’s imagination through this toy.

The instructions for a project are really helpful. Still, kids love dumping this toy set on the floor and using their imagination to build it. This toy stimulates your kid’s creative sense.

Couomoxa has done a good job here. This marble run set beautifully teaches the concept of gravity. It makes science fun for kids.

The marble run set illustrates the concept of centrifugal force and inertia. Children can easily observe the ball rolling down the tracks due to gravity. Tracks and marbles in this building blocks set are a cherry on the top. Tracks and marbles present a lightbulb moment for kids.

Couomoxa marble run is a fantastic tool to develop shape recognition in your kids. Kids learn to connect different pieces to form tracks. The urge to build longer tracks stimulates creativity in children. Kids familiar with the conventional building blocks will become obsessed with this toy.

Dwell Time

Kids will spend hours playing with this marble set. Kids initially struggle to fit tracks and pieces. The Couomoxa marble set engages kids in a constant struggle to form long and challenging routes.

This whole process takes time and constructive thought. This toy is a fantastic distraction for your kid.

Design Options

There are many ways to connect the tracks and pieces. Kids can explore hundreds of ways to connect the tracks.

Kids love to watch marbles rolling through these tracks. Complementing Couomoxa marble run pieces with Duplo blocks increases the design options.This toy offers incredible design flexibility to kids.


This toy is made of high-quality plastic. Couomoxa has used ABS material for this marble run set.Some users find that the green piece has a thin plastic, but the Couomoxa marble run set is highly durable.


The whole package of Couomoxa weighs 2.87 pounds. Imagine the weight of each piece. You kid can easily two or three pieces without any pain.


Kids already familiar with the conventional building blocks will struggle with the tracks and pieces. You can always add Duplo base and blocks to make it more interesting and challenging for your kid.

The smooth pieces of this marble run set make it very user-friendly for kids.


The original marble run set is a 97-piece set. This Couomoxa marble run set is an upgraded version of the normal marble run set.

It contains fun track pieces as well as normal track pieces. This makes the total number of pieces in this marble set 110.


Couomoxa has made sure that your children attain the maximum level of fun from this toy set. The company has made fun faces on each ball. It attracts children.

These balls come in four different colors. The block piece variety in this marble run set is above the charts. There are several unique parts to this marble run set.

What makes it special?

 A variety of design options and the freedom to connect tracks and pieces make this toy special for your children.


  • Engaging toy
  • Big marble size
  • Plastic
  • Hallow balls
  • Fun pieces
  • Variety of design options


  • Stability issue

4# hand2mind Interlocking UniLink Math Linking Cubes

hand2mind Interlocking UniLink Math Linking Cubes

hand2mind Interlocking UniLink Math Linking Cubes

This is an excellent product for your kid. It has a nice, bright array of colors for kids to fight over. The cubes are made with very good plastic, so they do not break easily.


The cubes can be used for counting, addition, subtraction, patterns, and color recognition. This toy is really good for distance learning. It can be used in kindergartens and elementary schools.


It is a lightweight toy. The item weight is around 1.00 pounds. It is cool to know that you can connect the cubes.

However, there is one negative thing about this toy. The cubes do not fit together tightly. Sometimes, it can be frustrating for your kid.


This toy works for a whole lot of age ranges. But it poses a choking hazard for your child. The manufacturer recommends that it should not be given to children under three years old.


Our evaluation is that this toy is perfectly safe for a 4-year-old. Even an 8-year-old kid can play with these colorful cubes.

STEM Learning

This is an amazing toy for teaching basic mathematical concepts to your kid. It sharpens the motor skills of your kids. Some kids like to share these beautiful cubes with their siblings.

Parents can also use these colorful cubes to play with their kids. This makes learning fun for your kids. Kids learn color identification through this toy.

These cubes are a great tool to teach kindergarten maths to your kid. You can also buy colorful counting chips with these cubes. It makes learning fun for your kid.

What makes it special?

This toy is a unique blend of colors and learning. This toy’s light yet engaging STEM element makes it different from others.


  • Color identification
  • Teaches maths
  • Lightweight toy
  • Sharpens motor skills


  • Connectivity issues

5# hand2mind Number blocks MathLink Cubes 11-20 Activity Set

hand2mind Number blocks MathLink Cubes 11-20 Activity Set

hand2mind Number blocks MathLink Cubes 11-20 Activity Set

These number blocks are the most appealing mathlink cubes for your kid. The Numberblocks show has made this toy irresistible for kids. This toy works like a magical wand for your kids.

STEM Learning

Kids can learn about the way numbers work through this colorful toy. It takes math learning to the next level.


This toy is perfectly safe for your four-year-old. However, it should not be given to children under three years as it contains small parts.

This toy comes with cool stickers that make it appealing for your kid. Unfortunately, the stickers easily come off, but you can glue them just fine.

Product Outlook

This set is a prekindergarten toy. This magical box contains a cool set of Numberblocks Cubes, faceplates, stickers, numberlings, character cards, double-sided Write ‘N’ Wipe Activity Cards, Fourteen’s Stakeboard and Helmet, Twenty’s Top Hat, write and wipe pen, and activity guide.

It is lovely to see your kid trying to connect Numberblocks with the classic mathlink cubes. The activity guide is a bonus. It speeds up learning.

Dwell Time

Kids cast aside other toys and love to play with this toy for a long time. Some kids even spend weeks playing with this fantastic toy.


In the beginning, you can show your kids how to play with this amazing toy set, but it is not an absolute requirement. Kids can learn to assemble and disassemble the toy set on their own.


It is advised that you buy an adhesive spray or glue along with this toy set. As the stickers come off easily, and you want to glue them. This toy can be difficult for kids with autism.

There is one piece of advice for the manufacturer. Stickers can come off easily, and they should be sold separately. It is usually a disappointment to notice stickers coming off your toy set.  

Overall, this toy set is nothing more than an obsession for kids. This is a visible upgrade from the regular mathlink blocks.

STEM Skills

You can help your kid learn math through this toy set. Imagine teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and patterns to your kid through one colorful toy set!

Value for Money

The money spent on this toy set is worth it. This toy is highly recommended for your kid. If your kid is a Numberblocks show fan, then this toy is the perfect gift for your child. It will provide endless learning and fun for your kids.

What makes it special?

The activity-packed variety of cards and numbers makes it special for your children. This toy engages your child in healthy activities.


  • Coolbox
  • Maths learning
  • Attracts Numberblocks fans
  • Kids spend weeks using it


  • Stickers come off

6# Think Fun Zingo Sight Words Award

Think Fun Zingo Sight Words Award

Think Fun Zingo Sight Words Award

If you are looking for a cool STEM toy for your kid, then Zingo Sight Words Game should be your choice.

STEM Learning

It is a wonderful game developed by educators that stimulates your kid’s learning ability. It is interesting to watch your kid make sense of the letter-word association.

Kids attain a sense of achievement and endless fun through this game. Educators recommend this wonderful game for Pre-kindergarteners and 2nd Graders.

This is a great game for your kids’ game night. The game reinforces counting. It takes away the hassle of sorting and making your own counting cards at home.

Dwell Time

It is a highly popular game used in classrooms and homes. Kids can spend hours on this game.

Kids can easily learn to play with this game. Your kid just needs to make sense of the first game. This game improves the learning ability of your kids.

It is helpful to know that kids do not need assistance to play this game, and they can spend hours and hours playing this game.


It is a well-built game. Kids like to overuse the thick, double-sided cardboard. The bingo cards are also sturdy. The ‘Yellow’ chips in this game are a bonus. The chips do not lose their color or form due to overuse.

If you have an overzealous preschooler, you will notice some issues in reusing the discarded yellow chips. Otherwise, there will not be any problem with the chips.


You will be delighted to know that kids absolutely love this game. Some kids like to take this game to their friend’s houses.

The only problem with this game is the amount of limited words it offers. There are only 24 words in this game. Some users do not want picture clues on the cards.


This game is not safe for kids under three years due to its small parts. It is wonderful for kids aged between 4 to 7 years.

Learning Limit

This game is good for learning but not for advanced learning. If your kid has completed kindergarten, you will find the limited number of tiles frustrating.

This game only contains 1/4th of the number of words your kid needs to know. Some parents want to challenge their kids’ learning ability, and the picture clues on the cards make them easy for the kids.

This game is good for sharpening the fine motor skills of your kids. You will find it helpful for kids with apraxia.


There are a few suggestions for the manufacturer to follow. The ‘refill kit’ should be sold separately. Zingo cards should come with a zippered plastic bag to prevent them from getting lost.

This is a great game for your kids’ game night. The game reinforces counting. It takes away the hassle of sorting and making your own counting cards at home.


Teachers use this game in students with special needs classrooms as this game is a great language tool. Kids love the act of pushing the game piece.


This game gives a sense of independence to your kid. Kids learn numbers, words, and picture identification through this game.  

Tip: Check the number of tiles you receive in this game. Some people may get less number of tiles than mentioned on the box.  

What makes it special?

 Children love this game. The ease of using this game and learning makes it all the more special for children, parents, and teachers. This game is a great way to improve your kids’ language. It is highly recommended for your kids.


  • Kids spend hours playing it
  • Gives freedom
  • Yellow chips


  • Cards can be lost easily

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It is a smart idea to get these great STEM toys for your children. Some toys can improve your child’s fine motor skills, but the best STEM toys for 4 year olds can also stimulate creativity and imagination. STEM toys make learning fun. They can easily become an obsession for your children. You won’t regret buying the best STEM toys for 4 year olds.

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