The Complete Monster High Doll Collection Line – Names & Pictures Included

Mattel is the creator behind American Girl dolls, Hot Wheels cars, Fisher Price toys, and much, much more. The toy manufacturer created Barbie and her friends, so what’s stopping Mattel from reaching further into the toy industry?

Nothing is stopping them.

A few years back, Mattel came out with the Monster High doll line; these exquisite dolls are very unique and popular, due to the colors they sport, the personalities they portray, and the outfits they wear.

So, whose brilliant idea was it to come out with dolls that resemble the fairytale ‘monsters’ we’re familiar with? The one and only Garett Sander. And it’s not just the dolls that are being paid attention to – it’s all the merchandise associated with the dolls, too. That means the accessories, the DVDs, the backpacks, etc.

They’re so hip and trendy in kids’ minds, that they may even become this generation’s version of the ‘Bratz’ dolls.

It’s crazy how popular a toy can get today. These little Monster High dolls created by Mattel even have their own publicity – on a Nickelodeon television show! If you check the show out, you’ll get a quick overview of what each doll is supposed to be like in reality; that’s okay, though, we’re here to give you the down-low on that, too.

Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details. Who are the Monster High Dolls and what are they like?

Monster High Doll Collection

The Monster High doll collection can be broken up into categories – and when it’s broken up into categories, it’s easier for buyers (and players) to understand what each doll is supposed to be comprised of.

Here, we’ll name each doll, briefly describe him or her, and give you a quick run-down of each. The main characters (original ghouls) will be discussed first, followed by the female ghouls and then the male mansters.

Original Ghouls – Main Characters

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf – hmm she must be a wolf of some sort. Clawdeen is actually the daughter of the Werewolf, and her fashion sense is TO DIE for.

She’s the fashionista of the original ghouls, meaning everyone looks at her and things, “WOW! How fierce is she?”

Clawdeen always has a fashionable jacket on with stylish earrings hanging off of her werewolf ears. She loves fur, and she’s not ashamed of it.

Cleo de Nile

Cleo De Nile

Cleo de Nile – do you remember Cleopatra? Well, it’s her, in monster version.

Cleo is the daughter of Ramses de Nile (a mummy). Many assume that her character was created based off of Cleopatra, and it’s not hard to understand why.

She does have a very strong personality, and she has a ton of leadership skills under her belt; this is probably why she tends to lead the pack of Monster High dolls. Additionally, she leads the “fearleading squad.”

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Draculaura – she’s extremely stylish with her pink and black ensemble, and she does wear those wings with pride.

She does have one flaw, however; her ‘need’ for blood makes her faint. Technically speaking, every time she sees blood, it’s lights out for her.

Draculaura does have a high reputation to maintain, though, being the daughter of the infamous Dracula.

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein – have you heard of Victor Frankenstein’s monster? Frankie is his daughter.

This Monster High doll is, without a doubt, clumsy – but she does make up for it with her consideration for others.

Frankie rocks the gothic style for all to see with her high heels, dark dress, and multi-colored hair.

Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High Freaky Fusion Ghoulia Yelps Doll

Ghoulia Yelps – boy, oh boy does she have her smarty pants on at all times. Ghoulia is the brains of the operation in the group of the original ghouls, but she does have one downfall: Her language barrier.

Ghoulia speaks “zombie,” meaning she ONLY groans to speak to her friends. Nonetheless, she’s no less important to her squad.

Ghoulia also wears blue, like, all the time.

Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue – Lagoona loves to wear super girly outfits with light shades of pink and blue all over. Her blonde and blue hair mesh perfectly with her outfits.

Lagoona was modeled to be a sea creature; in fact, she’s said to be the daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

She really is an exquisite ‘monster,’ considering she can speak to any creature from the sea using her special sea dialect skills.

Female Ghouls

The main characters are super important – but the secondary ghouls don’t fall far behind. Learn a little about these females while you have a chance.

Abbey Bominable


Abbey Bominable – who’s the “abominable snowman?” Yeti is. And, who is the “abominable snowman’s daughter?” Abbey is.

Abbey is so cute, she makes you just want to pinch her little cheeks (like a great aunt would). Her blue skin really ties the whole snowWOMAN look together. And, she has a sidekick named Shiver; a wooly mammoth that follows her around everywhere she goes.

Amanita Nightshade

Amanita Nightshade

Amanita Nightshade – Plant monsters aren’t all that popular, but the Monster High collection thought it would add a fun twist to the group.

Amanita is known as “the bad seed of the Corpse Flower” – but she’s also Cleo de Nile’s rival (uh-oh!). She does have issues with not getting enough attention from the female and male ghouls, too.

Amanita may be a bit of a mess to the human eye.

Ari Hauntington

Ari Hauntington

Ari Hauntington – Ah, the ghost girl. Ari was made to be semi-invisible, which is why her entire body is practically see through and her face/head glows. Yes, you’ll definitely see this glowing feature in her doll.

Ari’s parents are not specific, her mom and pop are just normal ghosts.

She does, however, have an amazing singing voice. Technically speaking, Ari is a ‘monster’ that all the Monster High dolls look up to.

Avea Trotter

Avea Trotter

Avea Trotter – Frankie Stein and her father are both known as ‘hybrid monsters.’ Well, Avea is in that category, too.

Avea is what the Monster High dolls call a part-centaur, meaning she’s half human, half horse. She also has a little bit of harpy in her; harpy, in mythology, is known as a mythical winged creature.

Fortunately for her, Avea is one of the most popular dolls in the collection due to her extremely different characterization.

Batsy Claro

Batsy Claro

Batsy Claro – Batsy … hmm, what does that sound like? Does it resemble the animal you’re thinking of? Would that be a bat?

Batsy is the daughter of the White Vampire Bat, and let us tell you, her white skin and her wings make it easy to distinguish her as so.

Batsy does have one true love, though: Nature. That’s probably why she is always seen wearing green attire.

Bonita Femur

Bonita Femur

Bonita Femur – Bonita is another intricate hybrid ‘monster.’ Her mom is a skeleton (hence the last name, Femur), and her dad is a Mothman (a mythical creature that has moth-like wings).

Bonita does have one specific downfall, though. The ‘monster’ gets irritable, and when she does, she likes to chew through silk and wool clothing. That’s a little bizarre!

Catrine DeMew

Catrine Demew

Catrine DeMew – Werewolves are mythological creatures, and many of refer to them as ‘dogs.’ On the other side of the spectrum, what about a cat that’s a mythological creature? Say, a Werecat?

That’s exactly what Catrine is. Her pale skin allows her to evoke her sense of artistic ability in her clothing and her hair – all of which are very colorful.

That’s not the only thing that’s colorful in Catrine’s life, though. She loves to draw with chalk, paint, and similar artist’ supplies, too.

Catty Noir

Catty Noir

Catty Noir – Catty is Catrine’s sister, another daughter of the Werecat. However, she’s not pale; instead, she’s the complete opposite. Catty is a black-skinned ghoul created to emanate the idea behind bad luck patterns and black cats in the Monster High world. What makes Catty more interesting is that her all-time favorite number is 13.

Catty has a TON of superstitious beliefs, including the whole mirror shattering bad luck scheme. She’s an interesting ‘monster’ everyone is totally aware of.

Casta Fierce

Casta Fierce

Casta Fierce – Casta … cast a spell? That’s what it definitely sounds like.

Casta is the daughter of Circe, a witch in the witch community. But Casta is special, in her own way. You see, she’s the lead singer of the band Casta and the Spells, and she has a grand reputation to live up to.
Luckily, her broomstick helps her out while she’s on stage, doubling up as her mic stand. Her rock music gets everyone jamming – but she does have to be careful of what she says when she sings, seeing as she DOES have the ability to cast spells.

Clawdia Wolf

Clawdia Wolf

Clawdia Wolf – Ah, the Wolf sisters … Clawdia is Clawdeen’s older sister, except she has a darker skin color than her younger sibling.

This super blonde doll has one goal: To become the ULTIMATE “screamwriter” in the dolls rendition of Hollywood, “Hauntlywood.” She recently studied drama in “Londoom,” so achieving her goals shouldn’t be so hard.

Dayna Treasura Jones

Dayna Treasura Jones

Dayna Treasura Jones – What monster shares the same last name as Dayna? The one, the only, Davy Jones.

Dayna Jones lives up to the reputation she was born to uphold – her pirate nature. In addition, Dayna loves to show off her origins by wearing clothing that screams PIRATE. She has a treasure chest hat on at all times, and wears a super classy, black and gold dress. Lift the dress and you’ll reveal a hidden treasure map underneath!



Elissabat – Elissabat has a lot going on in her life. She’s a full-time movie star with a stage name of Veronica Van Vamp. She’s doing quite well for herself, but that doesn’t stop her from aspiring to be the next

Vampire Queen – oh, wait, she’s next in line for the thrown!

This 1,601-year-old vampire superstar carries around her diary, acting trophy, and coffin movie case everywhere she goes.

Ellee Eedee

Elle Eedee

Ellee Eedee – Always classy, and never trashy. Ellee creates her own beats for the dolls of Monster High, seeing as she’s the super awesome DJ that always runs the show.

Surprisingly enough, Ellee is known to be the daughter of robots, and her entire ensemble portrays just that. Ellee’s pale skin and attention to detail just add to her personality.

Have you seen her dress and her accessories? They definitely have a robotic theme going for them.

Gigi Grant

Monster High 13 Wishes Gigi Grant Doll

Gigi Grant – The Monster High doll collection wouldn’t be complete without a Genie … or a Genie’s daughter.

Gigi is that gal. From the start, Gigi was required to grant 13 wishes – until her feature special ended. That’s when she was able to ditch her old lifestyle to join the other dolls over at Monster High.

Sometimes, she thinks about her old life, and when she does, all she has to do is look down at her shoes. They sort of look like the magic lamp she used to be tied to.

Gooliope Jellington

Gooliope Jellington

Gooliope Jellington – Gooliope was once a part of the “Scarnivals.” Ah, the good ole’ days. But that was when she was in the Freak de Chic line, you know, when she was a circus ringmaster.

Now, she attends Monster High, and everyone knows it. Gooliope is the tallest of all the ghouls, ranking in at 15 feet tall (though her doll is only 17 inches tall).

Honey Swamp

Honey Swamp

Honey Swamp – So many jobs pertaining to drama, and so many ghouls to fill the positions.

Honey is another one involved in the “Hauntlywood” of it all. She’s the cinematographer over at Monster High, and she’s all the daughter of the Honey Island Swamp monster.

She wears an adorable dress, she has the most impressive curls, and her skin helps her stand out from all the rest of the dolls – it’s blue!

Howleen Wolf

Howleen Wolf

Howleen Wolf – Howleen is another Wolf sister; the youngest, to be exact. Her sisters may be fierce and feisty, but it’s safe to say that Howleen is the fiercest and feistiest of them all – in all of Monster High, actually.

This fashionista has an endless wardrobe of outfits to choose from.

One great trait about the snappy wolf is that she has a ton of confidence, and that confidence helped other ghouls at Monster High learn that they needed to have their own self-esteem, too.

Iris Clops

Clops Doll

Iris Clops – When you think of a Cyclops, what do you envision? A green-skinned, one-eyed ‘monster?’ If that’s what you see, then you’re spot on with what Iris Clops looks like.

Iris is the daughter of the infamous Cyclops, but her parents didn’t genetically pass down the greatest traits.

Iris only has one eye, like we just said; this means that when it comes to maintaining balance, life becomes a little tricky. You see, it doesn’t take much for Iris to trip or fall, unfortunately. Push her flaws aside, and she’s an extremely loveable doll in the collection.

Isi Dawndancer

Isi Dawndancer

Isi Dawndancer – The Native Americans always had some ‘monster-like’ stories to tell, and Isi Dawndancer had to showcase that in some way.

Isi is the daughter of a Deer Spirit, and she’s not ashamed to let everyone know. Her outfit is comprised of several colors, including pink, blue, and black. Her antlers make her super unique, too.

Naturally, Isi is petrified of bright lights; on the flip side, she does love to dance.

Jane Boolittle

Jane Boolittle

Jane Boolittle – Boolittle rhymes with Doolittle, do you get where were going with this?

Doctor Doolittle is an extremely popular movie, but it’s origins are not entirely original. In fact, Doctor Doolittle originated from a 1920’s children book with main characters Jane Boolittle and Doctor Boolittle.

Now, Jane Boolittle is attending Monster High, and we get to learn all about her!

Currently, Jane owns a pet named Needles, who she can talk to whenever she wants. Actually, Jane can talk to all animals, how neat is that?

Jinafire Long

Jinafire Long

Jinafire Long – Daughter of the Chinese dragon, Jinafire sports a long tail and an extremely intricate outfit. You could say the Chinese culture made a ‘monster’ doll that’s super cool.

In fact, the culture and style were brought out so much with this Monster High doll, that if you look closely at her outfit, you’ll see traditional Chinese patterns.

Kala Mer’ri

Kala Mer'ri

Kala Mer’ri – Kala is definitely a mysterious ghoul, but she was also created to be a sea monster ghoul. However, when we say mysterious, we stress the word MYSTERY; we know hardly anything about her!

One thing we are aware of is that her doll has super cool glow in the dark features. She also has a squid-like resemblance, and was blessed with four arms – not just two!

Kiyomi Haunterly

Kiyomi Haunterly

Kiyomi Haunterly – Kiyomi is the daughter of the Japanese faceless ghost – Noppera-bo. However, because she is a doll, she is unable to simply be ‘faceless.’ Instead, her friends over at Monster High see her face as translucent.

So, what’s her standout feature? Her pink chained belt, of course! You may be able to miss her face, but that belt is not getting by without at least one of your eyes catching it.

Kjersti Trollson

Kjersti Trollson

Kjersti Trollson – Mountain trolls are real, or at least they are in Monster High. And Kjersti is the daughter of a mountain troll – you can kind of see it in her Viking-like style.

Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is play video games. We think that the Monster High collection wanted to tell girls it’s okay to like video games with this doll creation; it’s not ultimately just a ‘guy thing to do.’

Lorna McNessie

Lorna McNessie

Lorna McNessie – Nessie, also known as the Loch Ness monster, now has a daughter! Did you guess that it was Lorna, yet?

Lorna’s body fully tells all the other dolls who she is – her arms, legs, and tail are covered in scales and her blue skin is visible for all to see. In contrast, her hair is a bright combination shade of red and orange.

As far as Lorna’s hobbies goes, she spends most of her time photobombing. On the other side of the spectrum, she’s well known by the Loch Ness Bid organization.

Luna Mothews

Luna Mothews

Luna Mothews – Ah, Luna … the goth-moth ghoul of Monster High. Luna is also the daughter of Mothman, and if you didn’t guess yet, we’ll tell you – her character highly resembles that of a moth.

If you take a look at her wings, you’ll notice they don’t necessarily look like moth wings; instead, they look a lot like butterfly wings. We guess you could say that’s what the creators had in mind when they designed the doll. However, her style is the complete opposite (fully moth-inspired).

Marisol Coxi

Marisol Coxi

Marisol Coxi – Marisol came from “Monster Picchu,” and her dad is the infamous Bigfoot. She’s not terrifying like Bigfoot is, though. On the flip side, she does have extremely big feet.

Marisol has these bright green braids and bright pink hair. Her skin tone is light pink and her body was created to resemble a South American theme.

Moanica D’Kay

Monster High Ballerina Ghouls Moanica D'kay Doll

Moanica D’Kay – Moanica is another Zombie daughter, and she has an extremely fierce attitude that matches well with her style.

Moanica enjoys being different, which is probably why she genuinely loves the small streak of yellow that she has in her hair. The rest of her hair is a lovely shade of lavender.

Moanica’s skin is a light gray, per her zombie-like nature, and she always has worm hoop earrings hanging from her ears –as it goes well with her nature, too.

Mouscedes King

Mouscedes King

Mouscedes King – It almost sounds like a mouse … oddly enough, Mouscedes does rat-theme her outfit out entirely. After all, she is the daughter of the Rat King.

Mouscedes has delicate, light pink hair, and she’s always wearing a dress that has cheese-like patterns in the skirt.

Unfortunately, she was cursed with the dreaded health issue of lactose intolerance – that doesn’t stop her from constantly eating sharp cheddar cheese, though.

Nefera de Nile

Nefera de Nile

Nefera de Nile – There’s another de Nile Monster High doll in this collection somewhere … have you put two and two together?

Nefera de Nile is the older sister of Cleo de Nile, but only by 3 years. However, Nefera’s style differs drastically; she loves wearing different color blues, like aqua and turquoise. Her black crown only adds to the fierceness of her clothing.

What else is super cool about her clothing? Probably the fact that her shoes are intertwining snakes going up her legs.



Operetta – There had to be a doll related to the Phantom of the Opera, and here she is, Operetta.

Do you remember the Phantom of the Opera being one of the most dramatic movies/plays you’ve ever seen? Well, Operetta stays away from the drama; she’s more of a simplistic girl, in her attitude and her style.

She does, however, absolutely love rock and roll music – she even calls herself a rockabilly.

Peri and Pearl Serpentine

Peri & Pearl Serpintine

Peri and Pearl Serpentine – These two headed ‘monster’ creatures were birthed from the Hydra. Technically speaking, Peri and Pearl are conjoined twins living in one body, with a snake-like bottom half.

Thanks to their Hydra parent, Peri and Pearl both have dragon-like features on the two of their hands.

Pearl has blonde hair, and Peri has blue hair, with a sort of white highlight.

Posea Reef

Posea Reef

Posea Reef – The Greek god of the sea has always been a powerful, mystical creature – so, what’s his name. Ah, yes, it’s Poseidon.

Poseidon’s daughter, Posea Reef, doesn’t have a normal body. In fact, her body is practically made up of corals, seaweed, and all other living sea things. If you venture towards the lower half of her body, you’ll find that she doesn’t have normal legs; instead, she has octopus-like tentacles, slimy and lengthy (like a snake) in nature.

What’s her #1 goal in life? To watch over and take care of the ‘Great Scarrier Reef.’

Purrsephone and Meowlody

Meowlody and Purrsephone

Purrsephone and Meowlody – Werecat’s don’t only exist in one Monster High ghoul; no. Purrsephone and Meowlody make that abundantly clear, considering they’re a pair of Werecat sisters.

The two somehow act as twins occasionally. How so? Well, they have common interests – like gymnastics.

When it comes to appearance, the sisters are extremely feminine, and they aren’t afraid to broadcast it. Their cat-like nature makes them uber charming to all dolls in the collection. Purrsephone has black hair and

Meowlody has white.

River Styxx

River Styxx
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River Styxx – River carries a staff with her everywhere she goes, and that’s no surprise; the doll is quite literally the Grim Reaper’s daughter.

River always carries the staff, but she’s also always followed by her pet raven skeleton, Cawtion. In her free time, she likes to surprise and shock other monsters.

River, as a doll, has a translucent body – you have to be able to see all of her bones if she is indeed the daughter of the Grim Reaper.

Robecca Steam

Robecca Steam

Robecca Steam – Robecca is the daughter of Hexicah Steam, and she loves to sport a ‘steampunk’ outfit, or so they call it.

This lovely doll is a robot, but her name sort of gives that little fact away. Because of her origin, Robecca has random plating and riveting all over her skin, in different areas of her body. The details in her doll are quite literally intense.

Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle Goyle – Her parents are known everywhere, as they are the Gargoyles. Rochelle is exactly like them, in a protective way; however, her friends may find her a little TOO overprotective.

Rochelle was raised to be a sort of gargoyle princess, and you can tell by the way she acts and dresses. Her outfits are always detailed, her hobbies (sculpting and architecture) are always perfected, and her wings are always, well, there.

Scarah Screams

Scarah Screams

Scarah Screams – Scarah isn’t the most popular ‘monster’ at Monster High, probably because when words come out of her mouth, the other ‘monsters’ don’t know if it’ll cause a bad omen.

Scarah is the daughter of the Irish Banshees, whom passed down genetics such as pale skin and white eyes (without pupils).

Sirena Von Boo

Sirena von Boo

Sirena Von Boo – Sirena is yet another hybrid ‘monster’ that attends Monster High. Her hybrid nature makes her part mermaid and part ghost, an interesting combination.

The colors that her body, and her fashion sense portray focus around blues, blacks, and whites. In fact, her fins are both black and white.

Word around town is that the other ghouls call Sirena “air fin,” probably because she can be quite the spaceshot.

Skelita Calaveras

Skelita Calaveras

Skelita Calaveras – Skelita is the daughter of Lose Eskeletos, and she comes from a family of Mexican decent. She also just so happens to be the Monster High ghoul that’s in charge of the commemoration of the Dia de Los Muertos.

Because Skelita is of Mexican decent, she shows it off in her outfit. The Mexican clothing works well with her skeleton figure (hence her name, Skelita).

Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra Vondergeist – Ah, Spectra, another Ghostly daughter. Spectra has a few special talents – can you think of what they are? Vondergeist rhymes with Poltergeist, and Poltergeist’ are free to roam however and wherever they please. Spectra is the same way; this ghost can fly through floors and walls whenever she wants.

That’s not all she dos, though. Spectra manages the “Ghostly Gossip” blog directly from her coffin-shaped phone – but not everyone at Monster High appreciates what she says on there.

Toralei Stripe


Toralei Stripe – Yet another daughter of the Werecat, Toralei is unlike her siblings. In sum, she’s the meanest of the mean – especially at Monster High.

Toralei has a bad reputation of thinking about herself above all others. Her personality can be a bit much at times.

Currently, Toralei is on her first of nine lives – that means she still has eight more times to relive her 15-year-old Werecat lifestyle.

Vandala Doubloons

Vandala Doubloons

Vandala Doubloons – Vandala originated on the TV special “Haunted.” If you take one look at her, you’ll immediately know that she has to be a pirate ghosts’ daughter.

Vandala’s skin is light blue, and her pastel hair accentuates her natural ‘monster’ features. Her pirate hat tops the whole outfit off!

Venus McFlytrap Casketball Champ

Monster high Venus Mcflytrap Casketball champ

Venus McFlytrap – Venus is totally into helping save the environment, hence why she labeled herself “eco-punk” (oh yeah, she’s into punk-rock stuff, too).

Venus is obviously the daughter of a plant monster, but her origins are assumedly directly from the original Venus Flytrap idea.

You’ll always catch Venus with a holding a microphone in her vine-covered hands and arms.

Viperine Gorgon

Viperine Gorgon

Viperine Gorgon – Viperine is originally from “Barcelgrona” and she currently works in “Hauntlywood” as a makeup artist.

Viperine is the cousin of Deuce Gorgon, but that probably doesn’t sound familiar to you. This will: Viperine is the daughter of Stheno, a close relative to Medusa.

Wydowna Spider

Wydowna Spider

Wydowna Spider – Well, this might get scary; Wydowna is the daughter of Arachne (psst, she has six arms).

Wydowna and Ghoulia Yelps tend to collaborate on projects together, making them close acquaintances.

If you’re wondering what her best quality is, we’d probably have to say her ability to multitask, seeing as she has so many arms.

Zomby Gaga

omby Gaga

Zomby Gaga – Zomby was created to resemble Lady Gaga. In fact, she was designed by Lady Gaga’s sister, Natali Germanotta.

The outfit that Zomby is always wearing can be seen in Gaga’s music video “Born This Way.” The video came first, not the Monster High doll.

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood – The second word in the title gives it away; she’s the headmistress of Monster High.

This doll has the ability to detach her head from her body, and her packaging almost always comes with a horse on the side.

Fun Fact: She’s the Headless Horseman’s daughter. She also teaches lousy subjects at school, like Trigular Calcometry 101.


The male ghouls over at Monster High are as follows:

Clawd Wolf

Clawd Wolf

Clawd Wold – Do you remember Clawdeen, Clawdia, and Howleen? Well, Clawd is their older brother. And let’s just say, he’s super protective of his siblings.

Frankie and Cleo are two of Clawd’s ex’s, but his current girl is Draculaura. The drama over him at Monster High is a little intense.

Deuce Gorgon

Deuce Gorgon

Deuce Gorgon – 16-year-old Deuce is the son of Medusa. Oddly enough, he inherited one particular trait from his father: He can turn people to stone.

This popular guy from Monster High is currently dating Cleo, and he absolutely loves to cook meals for the two of them.

Finnegan Wake

Finnegan Wake

Finnegan Wake – Finnegan, son of a mermaid, is unfortunately unable to walk on solid ground. This means that he needs a wheelchair to transport himself around; the merman gets picked on by his classmates because of his circumstance.

However, Finnegan doesn’t let this stop his choices to be a brave ‘monster.’

Garrott DuRoque

Garrott du Roque

Garrott DuRoque – Garrott is the son of a French gargoyle, but that only makes him half gargoyle.

This dark blue-haired ‘monster’ is currently dating Rochelle Goyle, and funnily enough, the two dolls are typically sold together as a package deal.

Gillington “Gil” Webber

Gillington “gil

Gillington “Gil” Webber – This somewhat sea creature is currently dating Lagoona Blue, and let’s just say, that’s what Gil is known for.

Their relationship can get a little complicated, though, seeing as Gil can only survive in freshwater, and Lagoona only in saltwater.

Heath Burns

Heath Burns

Heath Burns – Class clown of Monster High here. Heath is the son of two Fire Elementals, and his humor really does fire things up inside and outside the classroom.

His spiky red hair has the ladies heads turning – oh, wait, that’s just Abbey’s head.

Invisi Billy

Invisi Billy

Invisi Billy – This super cool ‘monster’ from Monster High is the son of the Invisible Man, and you can tell his resemblance to his father due to his translucent body.

Billy’s girlfriend is Scarah Screams, and let’s just say, the two of them have A LOT in common. It all started with how they both share a ghost descendant line.

Jackson Jekyll

Jackson Jekyll

Jackson Jekyll – This lovely Monster High manster in the son of Dr. Jekyll, and he is a little on the younger side.

Jackson does have one flaw: His alter ego, named Holt Hyde. It only comes out when he hears loud music, and that’s when his skin starts to turn blue.

Neighthan Rot

Neighthan Rot

Neighthan Rot – Let’s bring it back around to the hybrids at the school; Neighthan is another. If you take a look at him, you’ll notice his fun rainbow spikes and his overall color and fashion design.

This hybrid is half unicorn, half zombie. The descent goes well with his hybrid lovers’ descent (Frankie Stein).

Porter Geiss

Porter Geiss

Porter Geiss – Ah, another child of Poltergeist. Though that’s not what he’s known for.

Porter is currently falling in love with Spectra Vondergeist. He also wears a chain around his waist, like many other members of the Monster High gang do.

Sloman “Slo-Mo” Mortovich

Slo Mo

Sloman “Slo-Mo” Mortovich – Pale skin and blue hair? You could say there’s another zombie on our hands.

Slo-Mo originated under the name Moe “Slow-Moe” Deadovitch, but that changed shortly after creation.

Unfortunately, no one knows much about him. He was created to match Goulia’s character and style, which is probably why they’re both romantically involved with one another.

Now that you know them all, we hope you enjoyed our informational guide. Who’s your favorite Monster High member, and why?

Sarah Collins

I’m the mother of two wonderful children. My oldest son John is 7 years old, and my daughter Jemma is a little seven-month-old girl. My kids are the main reason why I decided to start this website. Having been a mother for the last 7 years, I’d like to share some useful tips with anyone who might be interested.

2 thoughts on “The Complete Monster High Doll Collection Line – Names & Pictures Included”

  1. I want to thank you for making this website, I love monster high they are my faverit type of doll and i would love to have the whole set


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