How to Make a Baby Bed for Dolls?

Baby dolls are lovely toys to play around with, and you know your little junior loves playing with them. To make things more interesting, you can give your kid the idea to decorate these dolls with several accessories and making it much more fun to play around with things.

A baby doll bed from an old box? If you’ve been here for any time, you know we love to make things related to baby dolls and fantastic toys for your kids.

We even discussed the baby doll’s hair, its different types, and the reborn baby dolls, which you will find quite interesting to read too! But is it the love of baby dolls that bonds us three (you, me, and your kiddo) together so strongly?

The answer is true, yes! These dolls have been a significant source of entertainment for our children.

Therefore, we have written an interesting article on one of the baby doll’s associated things: a baby doll’s bed made of cardboard.

Here, we will suggest you make a baby doll bed idea for your little one for their imaginative play with rocking their baby dolls in their very own self-made bed from cardboard.

So, let’s jump right into building our Baby Doll’s Bed from cardboard through this step-by-step guide for you!

How to make a baby doll bed out of cardboard?

Putting dolly to bed at night is one of the foremost enjoyed childhood customs. But, rather than buying a costly doll bed, you’ll be able to create your own at domestic. First, outline out of wood or cardboard, and after that, sew a sleeping pad and pads to enhance the bed.

Yes, the process is simple and easy to implement! First, you need to get a cardboard box, cut it into a bed shape, and then decorate it with different wrapping sheets and stickers so it appears beautiful for your kid and their doll.

List of Materials that will be required:

  1. A Cardboard box: a shoebox or any small to medium size box.
  2. Wrapping sheets of paper to wrap the box in.
  3. Glue or tape to attach it.
  4. Decorating supplies such as crayons, letters, stickers.
baby doll bed out of cardboard

Cardboard Box, Scissors, Glue, Wrapping Sheets,

Firstly, I got a cardboard box and took scissors to cut its flaps on the sides to separate them for later use.

baby doll bed out of cardboard

Wrap it

Then we placed the wrapping sheet on the cardboard box to wrap it up from all sides inside to give our baby doll bed a neat look.

I wrapped it up like a gift, cut the wrapping paper into large sections, so a few of it would cover and fit on the inner side of the box (in case you decide to wrap the inner side of the box, this will save you time wrapping the box from inside).

If your kid is impatient or crazy to get their gift, it’s unnecessary to wrap the inside of the box; the baby doll and blanket will cover up most of it; however, I chose to wrap it.

Again, I cut slits in the corners so they would wrap nicely and be pretty. But, again, it does not need to be lovely and stunning looking on the inside since the blanket and baby doll will be covering it.

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Decorate it

Then comes the exciting part, where we are going to decorate it! I had made small flower-shaped stickers and colored them with vibrant colors to make them appear beautiful.

These are easy to make, and you can make them quickly within your house from any blank A4 paper sheet by drawing any shape you love and then filling out colors in it of your choice.

I have used a foaming sheet for the flowers here.

baby doll bed

Remember: The blue and pink colored sheets that will be attached on both sides of the box are also cardboard pieces cut initially and then wrapped in sheets.

Attach it

Then we take our glue gun and palace dots on the lower end of the cardboard with flowers.

baby doll bed

Connect the Dots

Then similarly, we apply the glue dots to the other cardboard piece.

doll bed

Placing them carefully and tightly

Then we stick them both together nicely with the cardboard box to make our doll’s bed.

baby doll bed making

Last Few Stages

Here our doll’s bed made out of Cardboard Boxes is ready!

make a baby doll bed

However, to add a cherry on the top, I placed a napkin on it as a bedsheet.

making of baby doll bed step by step


Finally, our baby doll bed out of cardboard is ready to be displayed! Now, we can place any small to the medium-sized doll on it and have our kids do the rest of the imaginative play.

How to Make a Baby Bed for Dolls?

If you still didn’t get how to make it, no worries, let’s view this video together, and it will make things quite clear!

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