Do Reborn Babies Eat?

Reborn babies are not at all what their name entails; they are actually intricately manufactured dolls that have been accumulating popularity since the 1990s. People are increasingly developing a hobby of collecting or adopting such dolls that resemble real-life babies to a great extent.

Manufactured by expert artists, these life-like dolls are typically called “reborners” by society due to their largescale resemblance to real toddlers. A great many people consider them a source of comfort because of their soft and cuddly appearance, similar to that of a toddler. Because of this, they are popular not only amongst adults but also kids.

Many people that are looking to get into these dolls, often ask do reborn babies eat? You’ll be happy to know that reborn babies eat their own food. However, they can’t eat actual baby food. Keep reading to learn more about what reborn babies eat!

Is A Reborn Doll Exactly Like An Infant?

A reborn doll is not exactly like an infant but is instead quite stiff in nature because of the high concentration of vinyl used in its development.

However, a reborn doll made up of silicon is relatively softer because of the material used and is recommended if you are looking for a more realistic and infant-like doll to play with.

 A majority of people prefer the silicone doll because it holds greater infant resembling properties as compared to one made up of vinyl.

Since A Reborn Baby Is A Doll, How Do You Feed One?

It is typically NOT advisable to feed your reborn doll because they do not have the necessary tube mechanisms to ingest food. Even if you find a tube leading to the stomach in your doll, you are strongly recommended not to feed them real food.

That is because the food’s residue is likely to stick inside the pipe, causing mold and other microorganisms to grow with potentially no way to clear them out. The mold can be severely harmful to your expensive doll and is not sanitary as well.

Since reborn babies are dolls, they cannot eat or ingest real food, but some of them are designed in a mechanism that allows them to “drink” or “eat” from bottles or food plates.

The dolls that can eat are typically harder to clean because the moisture from the food can also cause mold in them. Reborn dolls that can eat and drink are pretty rare and require higher levels of care as compared to those who do not have this functionality.

If your reborn doll is not specifically designed in a way that allows feeding or drinking milk, refrain from forcing food down their throats because all you will be doing is creating a mess. Not to mention, this happening can also ruin a costly doll.

How To Make Fake Food For Your Reborn Baby Doll?

1.    Using detergent

You can easily make fake milk by using unscented whitewashing detergent by putting some water in a bottle and adding the detergent. Mix the mixture evenly until you get the desired look of milk.

2.    Using flour

To make fake milk using flour, add some water and about three to four teaspoons of flour in an empty container and shake it evenly until the desired texture is achieved. However, remember to throw away this mixture after some time and make a new one because it is prone to smelling and getting sour real fast.

3.    Using lotion

You can make fake milk by putting some water in a bottle and adding three to four teaspoons of any unscented white lotion. Mix it thoroughly and frequently to prevent the cream or lotion from sticking on the insides of the bottle.

Chocolate Milk

You can also make chocolate milk for your reborn by using any of the above-mentioned methods of creating fake milk and adding baking vanilla to the mixture. Shake it evenly, and there you have it: delicious artificial chocolate milk! (Using the flour method of fake milk preparation is preferable when making chocolate milk)


You can make juice for your reborn with a few readily available ingredients and materials: an empty and clean bottle, red food coloring, and yellow food coloring.

1.    Orange juice

You can make fake orange juice by simply filling the bottle with some water (fill it till line 2 to make it seem like the baby has been drinking it, or until line 4 to show that it is freshly made).

Add some teaspoons of flour to make it look thick, and then add some drops of yellow and red artificial coloring to achieve the desired orange color. Place the lid tightly on the bottle, and shake it thoroughly until the desired consistency is reached.

Another way of making fake orange juice is adding two tablespoons of white fabric softener to one cup of water, adding twenty drops of yellow food coloring, and mixing the materials thoroughly before transferring it to a bottle.

2.    Apple juice

You can make apple juice for your reborn by taking one cup of water, adding about thirty drops of yellow food coloring to it, adding one drop of green food coloring, and mixing it thoroughly.

If you want to make a concentrated mixture of apple juice, add two to three drops of yellow food coloring to a bottle of water and mix the mixture until you get your desired color and concentration.

What Does It Feel Like To Have A Reborn Baby Doll?

Research shows that most of the people who own reborn dolls do not consider them as actual, living babies. However, a majority of them feel the tender emotions of love, attachment, and even distraction, as reborn babies help several women cope with the traumas pertaining to children in their past.

 Reborn babies hold extensive healing abilities, as they allow individuals, especially women, to overcome their feelings of remorse bit by bit and come face to face to reality when they feel like it.

Apart from its healing purposes, reborn babies feel cuddly, soft, and unequivocally pleasant to possess. They give people a platform to channel their energies into, may they be distressing emotions, feelings of playfulness, or simply the tender feeling of caring for something.  

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