How to Seal a Reborn Doll?

Vinyl can be easily painted over with everyday items such as newspapers, dark fabrics, nail polish, and more. Dolls can be soiled with any pigment.

A sealant protects against the vinyl and creates another barrier between the painting and objects that can be scratched.

At the same time, you can also give the doll a “skin texture” by using the material that prints the paint.

Why seal the reborn baby doll?

Vinyl is a durable, soft material that makes your reborn doll as smooth as a real baby. A reborn doll’s skin is created.

However, vinyl is easily soiled with newspaper, nail polish, food coloring, and dark cloths.

The sealant creates a barrier that helps in protecting the vinyl and retains the doll’s luster and paint.

It also reduces the chance of scratches and stains. The reborn artist’s material to seal the reborn doll may also give the reborn doll a skin texture.

You can prepare the sealant and apply it to your reborn doll by following these few steps.

How to seal the reborns?

1. Create the sealing

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The first step in sealing the paint is to prepare a “secret sauce” with a pigment that can be a blush mixture.

Making the secret sauce for the reborn doll

Secret sauce has four main ingredients.

  1. Heat Matte Varnish
  2. Thinning medium
  3. Flesh 08
  4. Warm blush

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Mix warm matte varnish and thinner in a small container in a 50:50 ratio. Add and mix a small amount of paint thinner to prevent overcoating.

The mixture will be creamy and gelatinous. The addition of a few more drops of paint thinner to create a smooth mixture will be significant.

Add the flesh color given by the pigmented varnish so that the texture is dull-colored and white. Then add warm blush to this mixture to warm the flesh color and allow the seals to blend into all areas.

This will end up with a peach-red mixture. And this is your secret sauce.

2. Thin the sauce over the reborns

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Take a transparent glass plate and clean it with paint thinner. Then apply the secret sauce over it. You can precisely apply the secret sauce using a spatula in a translucent, thin layer.

3. Apply the seal to the realistic baby doll

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Apply the sauce to the skin of the reborn doll using a small sponge. Apply a thin layer of the sauce to the sponge.

When it dries, it can’t move, so it needs to be spread out at a higher speed. And the build-up of the filling causes a chalky appearance.

You can use a “sponsor” for spots to give them a more expressive texture. You can use the tip of a flat brush to cover a small area. Wait until dry and use a sponge to remove the white spots.

Tips before you seal a hyper-realistic baby doll

You should wait a few days before applying your seal to your reborn if you have just finished blushing your doll.

Wait for the blush to wet the vinyl thoroughly. Otherwise, the color may be erased. This time also depends on the pigment type.

For example, oil-based pigments take longer to dry than oil-based painting. If oil paint is used, wait at least six weeks before applying the sealant.

Before you seal your reborn doll, you need to be confident in every way.

Also, if you print a reborn doll, you want it to look more colored. In this case, you can give the doll a darker texture by adding more pulp and warm blush.

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