Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

Interactive dolls offer some kind of response to your child’s stimulus.

If you aren’t sure where to start or how to choose the right and best interactive baby doll, we’ve got you covered.

This list of interactive baby dolls offers a range of options for different personalities and situations.

Let’s find the right one for your child.

The List: The Best Interactive Baby Dolls

Here are the top picks for interactive baby dolls. They cover a range of ages and needs and there should be something perfect for you.

Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby: Realistic Blonde Baby Doll Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby: Realistic Blonde Baby Doll
  • The Best of the Best – Our top Pick
  • 3+
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Luvabella Blonde Hair Interactive Baby Doll Luvabella Blonde Hair Interactive Baby Doll
  • Best For Older Children
  • 4+
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VTech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby Doll VTech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby Doll
  • Best For Multiple Ages
  • 24m+
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JC Toys Missy Kissy Giggle Time Electronic Doll JC Toys Missy Kissy Giggle Time Electronic Doll
  • Best For Young Children
  • 24m+
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Zapf Creations Baby Annabell 18″ Doll Zapf Creations Baby Annabell 18″ Doll
  • Best For Open-Ended Play
  • 3+
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BABY Born Interactive Doll- Green Eyes BABY Born Interactive Doll- Green Eyes
  • Best Low Tech Option
  • 4+
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Adora Doll Adora Doll
  • Best with a soft body
  • 3+
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Chatsters - Gabby Doll Chatsters – Gabby Doll
  • Best For Elementary Children
  • 5+
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#1 Baby Alive Real as can Be

Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby: Realistic Blonde Baby Doll
Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby: Realistic Brunette Baby Doll

Baby Alive’s Real As-Can-Be doll is a highly interactive baby doll with over 80 expressions, movements, and sounds. If your child is ready to parent a lifelike baby, this one could be a good choice.

She responds to your child’s interactions by cooing back, talking, and babbling. She turns her head to follow the sound of your child’s voice, and your child can even rock her to sleep.

She comes with a bottle, and when your child feeds her, she makes real sucking and cooing noises, just like a baby.

Baby Alive comes with an outfit and accessories. A bottle and pacifier are included, and your child can remove the clothing to check her diaper.

Her blanket provides the perfect swaddle, and she’s best for children ages three and up.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

She’s relatively lightweight for an interactive baby doll, but she’ll require four double-A batteries to operate correctly. Battery life is average.

She’s best for children who have had simple interactive baby dolls before and are looking for something they can interact with more fully.

She may be a little frustrating for much younger children who don’t have experience with this type of doll, but older children will be delighted with the range.

  • includes over 80 lifelike expressions, sounds, and reactions
  • comes with two interactive accessories
  • lighter than some interactive baby dolls
  • only comes with two accessories
  • not suitable for children younger than three

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#2 Spinmaster Luvabella – Best For Older Children

Luvabella Blonde Hair Interactive Baby Doll
Luvabella Brunette Hair Interactive Baby Doll

Luvabella is a fully interactive, older style baby doll with lots of reactions. It comes with true to life expressions and movements designed to encourage your child to continue playing without boredom. It’s suitable for ages four and up.

Luvabella learns as your child interacts with her, gaining vocabulary. She starts with baby babble but can soon gain up to 100 vocabulary words through interaction with your child.

This can help your child learn both caregiving and language skills.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

She talks and plays like a real baby and comes with accessories, including a changeable outfit. Other interactive accessories include a spoon that inspires real eating sounds, a bottle, a pacifier, and a baby toy.

Each one has a response that your child can use to playact caregiving.

She speaks both French and English and wipes clean with a damp cloth. She requires four C batteries for operation and weighs around four pounds. She’s best for older children because of her weight and complexity.

  • realistic, interactive behaviors
  • learns vocabulary
  • speaks two languages
  • requires lots of batteries
  • heavy for younger children

#3 VTech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk And Read Baby Doll – Best For Multiple Ages

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

The VTech Baby Amaze doll is a younger-looking baby that gradually builds skills as your child interacts with her.

She’s capable of learning vocabulary and has realistic reactions that can help your child learn caregiving skills.

She comes with vocabulary books covering basic first words and can learn to speak as your child does.

If your child is younger, they can learn vocabulary together. If your child is older, he or she can teach the doll through interaction.

The baby comes with different accessories that allow your child to perform caregiving roles.

Pacifiers and bottles provide your child a way to play with the doll by caring for it and responding to things like crying or babbling.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

She requires two AA batteries to function and is lighter weight than some other interactive baby dolls, making her better suitable for younger children.

There’s even a newborn setting that resets learning to do all over again for your older child or if you pass the baby down from one sibling to the next.

She’s not quite as interactive as some other options, and the pacifier can be frustrating for younger children to operate. However, she does offer a few benefits, no matter your child’s age.

  • suitable for multiple ages
  • requires fewer batteries
  • newborn reset button
  • a pacifier can be frustrating
  • younger children may not interact with all the features

#4 JC Toys Missy Kissy Giggle Time – Best For Young Children

JC Toys Missy Kissy Giggle Time Electronic Interactive Baby Doll

If your child is younger, you may not want the sophisticated features of fully interactive baby dolls. The Missy Kissy Giggle Time doll is perfect for your younger child because it offers a few interactions without the challenging aspects of more complex dolls.

Unlike many other interactive baby dolls, she has a soft body, which is perfect for comfort when your younger child needs it. She moves her head, and her eyes open and close.

With 12 phrases and two songs, she provides just the right amount of interaction to encourage your child’s interest. She even has a tickle game where she responds with laughter.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

She comes with an outfit, pacifier, bottle, and pajamas. She’s suitable for ages two and up and requires three AAA batteries.

She’s easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth and can withstand the rougher play times of your younger children. Even for older children, it can offer a good blend of interaction for interest and comfort for difficult emotions.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

However, for older children, the doll may be limited in scope. The songs and phrases may not suit some older children may find it too babyish. We’d keep it in the realm of younger children who are just getting into the world of interactive baby dolls.

  • soft body is great for comfort
  • the simplicity is perfect for younger children
  • comes with the right mix of accessories
  • too babyish for older children
  • requires a lot of batteries for such simple features

#5 Zapf Creations Baby Annabell 18″ Doll – Best For Open-Ended Play

Zapf Creations Baby Annabell 18″ Doll

Baby Annabelle is a simple doll with a lot of open-ended interactions. She provides basic baby doll reactions, crying, laughing, and cooing.

Your child can fill up her bottle, and she’ll really drink the water. Later, when she cries again, little tears will come from the corner of her eyes.

She comes with her bottle, pajamas, a bib, and a locket. Make sure your child is old enough to play with the locket without danger of choking, but she’s suitable for a wide range of ages.

The good thing about Annabelle is that she’s so open-ended, providing just enough interaction to keep children interested without resorting to too much noise.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

Your child can practice emotional intelligence by responding to Annabelle’s cries and learning what upsets her. In the meantime, her precious laughs and coos allow your child to playact the role of caregiver without too much fuss.

She has a soft body and can provide comfort for your child in times of need. She takes four AA batteries and sometimes has trouble crying with water even with the bottle.

However, she does offer your child highly imaginative play without much fuss, and she can also work well without any water at all if you’d rather.

  • provides open-ended play
  • simple reactions are suitable for younger children
  • excellent for emotional intelligence
  • tears aren’t reliable
  • very simplistic features (your child may expect more)

#6 Baby Born Interactive Baby Doll – Best Low Tech Option

BABY Born Interactive Baby Doll- Green Eyes

If you want the basic interactive features without a lot of fuss, this simple interactive baby doll is a great option. When your child fills the bottle, the baby drinks water.

She then goes potty just like a real baby, and when your child squeezes the baby’s hand, she cries real tears.

This entire operation is accomplished without batteries, so there are no annoying sounds or frustration when power runs out.

This might be a little disappointing for older children who want a fully interactive baby doll, but the option for a doll with so many open-ended options is good.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

Your child can choose diapers or the potty for playing with the doll and can dress and undress the doll as needed.

She’s an excellent choice for role-playing and for a more straightforward option if you don’t want a lot of noise going around. She comes with a bottle, outfit, potty, diapers, and eating accessories.

She doesn’t require batteries, and if you choose not to play with water, she provides an excellent simple baby doll option.

She’s easy to wipe clean and more durable than some of the other interactive baby dolls out there, making her a good choice for younger kids. She’s suitable for ages four and up.

  • simple interactive features
  • no batteries required
  • perfect for dramatic play
  • might be too simplistic for some children
  • might be tricky to operate at first

#7 Adora Interactive Baby Doll

Adora Interactive Baby Doll
Adora Interactive Baby Doll

Adora is an older style doll with interactive features. She has five interactive “touch” features designed to help your child learn to nurture while also reinforcing concepts like cause and effect.

When you squeeze her hand, she cries. If you pat her head, she coos or says, “mama.” If you tickle her, she really giggles, and if you kiss her on the cheek, she’ll kiss back. These are set and great for a child’s first interactive baby doll.

She features a soft body with realistic, powder scented vinyl hands and feet. Her hair comes in pigtails, and your child can change her outfit, but she doesn’t come with any accessories other than the outfit.

She’s compatible with accessories from Adora, and she comes with the necessary three AA batteries to access the features. Make sure you choose “On” instead of “Try Me” from her back switch plate for full functionality.

She’s best for children who have never had an interactive baby doll but are ready to begin playing with something that provides feedback. She’s simple to use and won’t drive you or your child crazy with endless noise.

  • simple for younger children
  • the soft body provides comfort
  • includes the batteries
  • doesn’t come with accessories aside from her outfit
  • could be too simple for older children

#8 Chatsters – Gabby Interactive Baby Doll – Best For Elementary Children

Chatsters - Gabby Interactive Baby Doll

For slightly older children, the Gabby Interactive Baby Doll comes with six different accessories that your child can use to unlock different games and activities.

When she chats with your child, her eyes light up in different colors. The hearts on her glasses are touch sensors that your child uses to respond to the doll.

She says over 300 unique words and phrases and has over 25 games to play. She also comes with a free app to expand her play and universe. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android.

The doll is great for kids of elementary school age who want a lot of interaction and are ready to interact with something a little more complicated.

Best Interactive Baby Dolls 2022 that Can Talk, Cry, Wet

She requires four AA batteries, and she comes with six different accessories, a cupcake, a smoothie, an eye shadow, a lipstick, Sprinkles (her dog), and a mobile phone.

She also has three noninteractive hair accessories. She looks and behaves more like an elementary school child rather than a baby and can be your child’s friend.

She’s far to complex for younger children who are looking for something more simple. She’s easy to wipe clean, but she may not be durable enough for some children who play super rough. She also comes with an instruction manual.

  • highly interactive
  • features many games and sayings
  • includes an app
  • too complex for older kids
  • has a steep learning curves

Interactive Baby Doll Buyer’s Guide

So how do you choose the right doll for your child? There are a few different considerations to make. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

What Is Your Child’s Age?

You may get excited about getting your child the most complex doll around, but age is definitely a factor. Too complicated and younger children will be frustrated. Too simple and older children may not be interested.

 Younger Children 

Toddlers and younger children are just beginning to learn how to deal with the world around them. Two-year-olds are focused mainly on copying others in order to try on different roles. Interactive dolls provide the first glimpse of what it might be like to be a caregiver, just like mommy or daddy.

Children this age are also beginning to play with other children instead of just beside them. They may begin to invite other children to take part in the pretend activities, and an interactive doll could start to open that door.

 Older Children 

Older children are expanding their social networks and beginning to understand that their world goes beyond themselves and their families. These children may also use dolls as social tools to interact and connect with other children.

Older children may also have a younger sibling now, and dolls can help them process the changes to their family structures.

The complexity of interactive dolls can increase at this time as children’s motor skills improve, and they become aware of multistep directions.

What Kind of Features Do You Need?

Interactive baby dolls range in complexity, and the types of features you’re looking for can also vary. Choosing these features depends on your child’s personality and your circumstances.

 Simple Features 

If you don’t want to worry about things like batteries or lots of noises, a simple interactive baby doll is probably best. Some dolls don’t even need batteries and work solely on mechanics.

These dolls provide the basics for your child to learn things like caregiving, but there won’t be all the power needs.

You can also use dolls with a few simple interactions like basic songs, or some vocabulary can encourage language skills.

Crying or laughing can also help teach cause and effect plus caregiving skills. They will require batteries, but some dolls don’t use a considerable amount of power.

 Complex Interaction 

For older kids, dolls with a full range of interactive features can encourage a great deal of essential skills. Language skills are an excellent feature for older kids too because they can further their learning and also maybe teach their dolls a thing or two.

Games and realistic reactions are a great way to help older kids learn cause and effect while facilitating social interactions.

These complex interactions build on each other, giving kids a wide range of caregiving and learning activities. For children who already have some simple dolls, it’s a good option.

What Other Considerations?

You’ll also want to consider things like doll maintenance and battery life. The more features you dolls have, the more power you’ll need.

The batteries required for a doll with a full range of functions and interactions could be a lot if your child is too young to handle the features.

Challenging dolls are worth the battery life, but you’ll want to be sure that your child will use the features and is interested in the doll.

For younger children, simple features have fewer batteries and maintenance needs until your child is ready for sophisticated dolls.

You’ll also need to consider carefully the material your doll is made of. Younger children often appreciate a soft-bodied doll for comfort purposes. These are good for when children have big emotions and learning to regulate themselves.

The plastic-bodied dolls are much easier to clean, however. Some are made of flexible plastic that can wipe clean with just a bit of water and a soft cloth.

The material can also protect the inner workings of the doll better against younger children’s enthusiasm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an interactive baby doll?

Children learn through dramatic play, so dolls that react are great for teaching cause and effect. They can also help with building caregiving skills and ensure that your child keeps an interest in what they’re doing.

How many accessories do I need?

A lot of your decision making for the right doll will depend on your child’s age. The older the child, the more accessories are appropriate. Stick to two or three accessories for young children and more for older children.

Are interactive baby dolls durable?

This is a concern for younger children, but interactive baby dolls do provide long-lasting play. Many of them can be used with or without power, and with some basic care, they’ll last through your child’s developmental years.

How do I care for my child’s interactive baby doll?

Most dolls can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a bit of water. Stubborn stains may need a mild soap, but you should never immerse your doll. That could damage the interior. Clothing or accessories may be washed but always be gentle with them.

Choosing Your Interactive Doll

Your child may love the idea of an interactive baby doll, and this is an excellent chance for them to practice caregiving skills and learn cause and effect. These dolls can be a significant boost to vocabulary and can help children with things like fine motor skills.

Our list of dolls is an excellent start, no matter what age your child is. There are simple options and complex choices. No matter what your child needs, there is an interactive baby doll for your needs.

Even if you don’t want a doll with a lot of noise, there’s an option for you.

Yoru child can develop empathy skills and emotional intelligence through play. Interactive baby dolls help keep their interest and ensure that they’re given the best chance of working on skills through dramatic and imaginative play.

Let us know which doll is the right one for your child in the comments below!

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