How to Fix a Slinky Toy: Guides and Tips

It is expected that you might have experienced a twisted, stretched, bent, or tangled slinky while playing, and it indeed brings frustration. Either you give up playing with your slinky and throw it away or get a new one due to the affordable price.

However, some great tinkers would have the idea to preserve their slinky, especially if it was a memorable gift from someone they hold important.

They would attempt to fix their slinky despite the effort and brain-twisters, but not to worry because here we have some tips for you to get your slinky working again.

There are many ways to fix your slinky, and it’s hard to find one that works effectively for you too. However, what worked for others may not work for you, but it’s still worth saving and fixing your slinky toy.

How to Fix a Stretched Out Slinky

  • Step 1. Place the wrap on a flat surface.
  • Step 2. Grasp one end of the strap and insert it into the hole.
  • Step 3. Pull it back up through itself until the other end of your slinky. 
  • Step 4 If you keep pulling it to the other end,  voila! Your stretched-out slinky is now fixed.

More visuals in this video:

How to fix a rap when it gets tangled

  • Step 1. Take the end of the tangled side of the slinky.
  • Step 2. Fold the snug bobbin up to the first ball, then slide that handful through the first ball.
  • Step 3. Insert the stick into the hole, then start spinning the slinky.
  • Step 4. If you still have a mess on one end, take the top layer and feed it to the actual end below.

More detailed tips in this video:

How to Fix a Bent Metal Slinky

  • Step 1. Cover the bent part of the coil with a small towel.
  • Step 2. Use an iron to heat the bent spiral position of the towel. This is because some materials bend when exposed to heat.
  • Step 3. Place the iron on the stretch fabric and leave the towel on for about 5 minutes. It is best to use a high-temperature iron or wool setting for this process.
  • Step 4. Apply pressure to the curved coil by crimping it using pliers.
  • Step 5. It rotates left and right according to the direction of bending.
  • Step 6. Continue pressing and rotating until the skinny suit returns to its original folded shape.
  • Step 7. Find the best part of the spool and pull the wrap approximately 3 inches from side to side on the curved spool. This will flatten the spiral pieces.
  • Step 8. Hold this part with pliers and place the harness on the floor.
  • Step 9. Hammer the bends until flat and your favorite wrap locks back into place!

How to Fix a Broken Slinky

  • Step 1. Boil enough water and wait for it to cool slightly.
  • Step 2. Put the wrap in hot water and wait 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 3. Take it out, place something heavy on your skin and wait for it to cool.
  • Step 4. I hope for the best while waiting, and it should be fixed by then, albeit not as perfect as it once was.

More tips are available here:

How to Fix a Twisted Slinky

  • Step 1. Take the slinky and insert four fingers through one of its ends on your right hand.
  • Step 2. Put your right thumb on top, outside the coils. 
  • Step 3. Gently stretch out the coils until you see the twisted part.
  • Step 4. Hold the coil in place until it is twisted with your right hand until it is firmly connected.
  • Step 5. Take the other end of the slinky with your left thumb on top of the inside coils. 
  • Step 6. Turn your wrist towards the opposite directions till the right thumb is on the outer bottom part of the coils.
  • Step 7. Place the newly formed coil with the other coil in your right hand and use your right thumb and fingers to pull your left hand out.
  • Step 8. Keep twisting the coils using this method until you reach your slinky’s left end until they start twisting towards the same direction.
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