What Clothes Fit a Smart Doll?

Today I would like to introduce you to a fascinating post. Like everyone else, I love mixing up costumes and trying new looks on each doll, but I got the idea to test Mirai’s complete base outfit on each doll to see how it works.

Google Image 1

First, there was Dasara on Sakura’s body, and so did DD2’s body with an L-shaped bust. As you see, it is a bit tight in the front and arms. Dollfie Dream arms are thicker than Mirai’s. I think the beanie looks friendly with this wig.

Google Image 2

Thighs are thicker in Dollfie Dream, but they take an excellent shape since the pants are stretchy.

Google Image 3

Next is Melty’s turn, showing off the body of the DDS sisters with M. breasts. Smart Doll Apparel is excellent because a T-shirt is an authentic T-shirt, which means it doesn’t have a complicated piece of velcro in the back or clasps. It’s more challenging to put on because you have to remove your head and arms but looks nicer in photos.

You can tell the difference in height between Mirai and Melty by the wrinkles on the bottom of the jeans.

I think the beanie doesn’t look so lovely with this short wig.

Google Image 4

The third is Miku-chan! It has not been officially presented. Sorry. You’ll be fine soon. She is at least DD 3 with an SS bust. It is difficult to put on the T-Shirt because of the thicker arms; remember that Smar Doll apparel is quite tight.

Google Image 5


Google Image 6

Miku, I think this wig and hat go well together.

Google Image 7

And lastly, Mirai-chan wears clothes. I’m sure you’ve seen her thousands of times in her standard attire. Perhaps bust L is not that much. If you haven’t seen her here before, you can now understand why Danny gave her her blind bust S. By the way, and I didn’t lose her hairpin, only her magnet that was in her clip.

Perhaps you are interested in the body of dynamite. The answer is NO. Don’t try it at home. But not everything was lost to DDdy the other day, and I’m going to show you a few things she can wear.

And now is comparison time!

Google Image 8

Top front

You can see the difference in the neck thickness between DDs and Smart D.

The height of the bust is very different too

Google Image 9

Three quarters view

Google Image 10

and back

Google Image 11

Jeans front

Dollfie waist is smaller. And you can see Dollfie Dream Sister is too short for that jeans.

Google Image 12

Side view

Google Image 13

And rear

I like these jeans, and I would love one for each girl; they feel and fit so naturally. I Hope Danny Choo will sell them separately in the future. Of course, I would like other models; not just flared jeans.

Google Image 14

The shoes fit nice too. Hard to put on because DDs feet are more comprehensive. But they fit nice and give a lot of stability when you don’t have a stand. And remember, those shoes are Danny And Jimmy Choo shoes simultaneously.

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