The Best of Slimes 2021

Slime! Hasn’t it been one of the most purchased item by your kids over the past few years? Yes! Definitely, it is something which is the most desired by your kids these days even after being the most sought off item. Slime has definitely gained a timeless attribute.


Not just the kids, even elders love to play with this ooey gooey stuff! I bet you, once you get hold of some slime, it would easily consume hours of your day. Many people have even contributed to the fact that playing with slime eases up their stress and they feel quite detached from their tensions.

If we look at how things have unfolded over time, there is no doubt that “Slime Universe” has expanded and is expanding with every passing day! Now we can even see many blogs and websites only devoted to various aspects of slime.

Slime with its recent popularity has even evolved into many new variations:

  • Kinetic sand
  • Dough putty
  • And many other compounds!

This gelatinous goo oozing is for sure a delightful activity, you completely indulge yourself in. If you are not much interested in a DIY slime then, we have compiled a list of must have slimes for you and your children! These are just the perfect squishy premixed slime kits full of ooey-gooeyness!

National Geographic Mega Slime Kit and Putty Lab

We have put this slime kit on top because it is a Mega Kit!! Which comprises of many elements like 4 various slimes which are suitable for girls and for boys. Apart from that it also has 4 types of putty, we have listed the highlights of this kit below:

  • Glow in the Dark Putty
  • Magnetic Putty
  • Fluffy Slime
  • Bouncing Slime
  • Color Changing
  • Snotty Slime etc

This kit would definitely make your kid the perfect “Slimespert.” So if your child is into the mechanism or chemistry behind the formulation of slime, then this is the just the perfect kit for him as it includes a 16 page long slime guide.

The fact that this kit provides multiple slime options and each with a separate container to protect it from drying out is such an ingenious idea. This idea makes this slime kit on top of all others available in the market! Secondly due to the multiple options, your child will never get bored of them ever!

Just a head up, this slime has been recommended, by lab technicians, for ages 8 years and up!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab - 4 Types of Amazing Slime for Girls & Boys Plus 4 Types of Putty Including Magnetic Putty, Educational STEM Toy, an AMAZON EXCLUSIVE Science Kit
  • 8 FASCINATING VARIETIES OF SLIME & PUTTY - Including premade magnetic putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, color-changing putty, snotty slime, bouncing putty, and 1 DIY glow-in-the-dark slime lab. This STEM kit makes a great gift for boys and girls
  • COMES WITH STORAGE TINS AND ACCESSORIES – This kit comes with 8 storage tins to keep your slime and putty collection safe and organized. This fun and educational slime and putty lab can help inspire a lifelong love of science!
  • EXPLORE THE SCIENCE – Our full-color learning guide explores the fascinating science behind slimes and putties. Learn incredible facts about the ooey, gooey world of these squishy substances
  • QUALITY-TESTED and NON-TOXIC – These non-toxic formulas are tested and 100% safe for kids and adults. This kt makes an excellent STEM activity or gift for kids
  • HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATIONAL TOYS - National Geographic is proud to make the highest quality hands-on science toys, and all our products are backed by exceptional service

Arfun 2 Pack Magnetic Putty, Magnetic Slime Hand Therapy Putty Fidget Toy Stress Relief for Adults

The core reason behind this respective slime being a part of our list lies behind its colors! The super shiny Golden and Silver slimes make this set just so special! The unique feature of this putty is that it has magnetic properties!

Your kid would definitely love to play with all this gold and silver oozing out of their hands! Especially because it includes loads and loads of Glitter!! Who doesn’t love glittery slime? It also comes in two separate metal containers which can be reusable by you or your kid.

This slime is the perfect option for fidgeting and stress relief as it can be shaped into any form. The most prominent feature is that, it’s made up of high quality materials hence safe for hands and it won’t even stick to them!


Arfun 2 Pack Magnetic Putty, Magnetic Slime Hand Therapy Putty Fidget Toy Stress Relief for Adults (Gold, Silver)
  • This putty really is attractive,very fun to play with and can keep the kids focused on their work
  • The magnetic space putty can be stretched and bounced like rubber,shaped squeeze and sculptured like clay, a good way to spur children's imagination
  • This hand therapy putty is great to strengthen your hands, also a awesome stress reliever for all ages
  • It’s made of premium material, not sticky and does not leave any residue on hands
  • It’s safe with Ce certificate, a great Christmas gift for kids

Fluffy Slime- Meland Jumbo Fluffy Floam Slime

Fluff is one of the most important factors for kids when they are choosing their slimes. Fluffy slimes definitely double up the slime playing experience and people end up loving their slimes even more!

Fluffy slimes not only attract the kids, rather they attract people of all ages! Significant amount of researches have proven also proven that everyone tends to enjoy fluffy slime the most!

These slimes are even quite less messy as compared to other regular slimes hence making it a parent’s favorite choice! It comes in a generic 6 ounce container loaded with slime also known as stress ball due to its highly elastic structure.

It won’t be wrong to call it “Unicorn” slime due to its color variations, it has a gorgeous pink, purple, green and sky blue! These are all just the perfect unicorn colors and they can even be kept separate or mixed together. To add to the unicorn experience this slime comes with a subtle scent.

Fluffy Slime - Meland 6 OZ Jumbo Fluffy Floam Slime Stress Relief Toy Scented Sludge Toy for Kids and Adults, Super Soft and Non-sticky, ASTM Certified, 4 Colors
  • Comes with blue, pink, green and purple, 4 colors for your fun and play. It will become a new color if you mix up the 4 colors together. This fluffy slime is incredibly satisfying to play with - squeeze it, twist it, smash it or create arts with it, super soft and stretchy, wonderful stress and anxiety reducer
  • Absolutely Safe Slime for Kids and Adults. ASTM certified, completely safe for children. Cannot be eaten, not for too small kids
  • Non Sticky Slime. Pinch it or pull it over and over, absolutely won't stick to your hands, giving you the most wonderful slime experience.
  • Easy Storage. Comes in a plastic jar container with our brand. Please put the slime back in the container when you don't use it. The slime will get dry if exposed in the air for quite a long time.

Jiada Crystal Soft Clay and Slimes

We literally have no words to explain how much we love this slime!! God! Just by looking at it I just want to grab it and start playing around! No wonder why it is loved by all kids!

Its transparent jelly like structure makes all kids want to own all colors of it! Hence, Jiada has formulated this packet of 6 different colors all purchased together. It won’t be wrong to say that these are just the perfect gloopy liquid crystals

JA-RU Lab Putty Color Changing Heat Sensitive Best Thinking Smart Crazy Stress Putty with Tin, Sensory Toy Stress Relief

These slime putty is so technically advanced that it changes color when near heat! This comes in a pack of 3 individual lab putty’s packed in metallic boxes.

Each box contains lab putty in two different colors:

  • Blue and Purple
  • Yellow and Orange
  • Pink and Purple

These are totally portable due to the tin casing and due to it, it won’t dry out and stay all gooey and slimy. It goes all the way no matter how much you stretch it, bounce it, tear it or twist it.

JA-RU Lab Putty Color Changing Heat Sensitive (3 Pack, Assorted) Best Thinking Smart Crazy Stress Putty with Tin, Sensory Toy Stress Relief 9576-3A
  • Pack of 3 of Changing Heat Sensitive Lab Putty. ENJOY it! Keep your kids & grandkids busy and entertained. Stretch it, tear it, shatter it, sculpt it, bounce it, twist it!. UNIQUE - Want to get your hands on a cool thermosensitive product? Try this crazy hypercolor putty which reacts to body warmth. Witness it morph from one color to another.
  • Make your Smart Lab Putty Game Toy portable and long lasting with a Tin Case included. Also Comes with 1 Collectable JA-Ru bouncy Ball.
  • Great Sensory Experiential Learning Toy. Prime, Tactile Game, Quiet Toys, Physical Occupational Therapy, Vacation.
  • Stress Relief and Release, Calming, Relaxing, Focus, Concentration, Autism, Anxiety, Sensory toys, Church, Memorial Day Sale, Independence, Classroom Box, Easter Basket, Planner Party Supplies, Treasure Chest Box, For Children Kids Boys or Girls And Adults.
  • USA Brand JA-RU. ASTM Tested. Top Quality & Safety. Party Favor, Giveaways, Prizes, Goodies, Stocking Stuffers, Rewards, Incentives, Pinata Filler, Birthday Bag, Reward, Carnival Christmas Halloween, Summer Camp, Add, ADHD. Cool Stuff Toys in Bulk.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of best slimes out in the market! Do let us know how your experience have been with these slimes!

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