The Best of L.O.L. Surprises 2022

Suppose your little princess loves dolls and especially the ones which come with surprises along! What’s a better combo than this one? On top of it, it comes up with amazement as well! By now, you must have guessed it right, Yes! We’re talking about the L.O.L. Surprise doll. These L.O.L. surprises come “under wraps” as “surprise dolls” and “surprise gifts,” which is a mesmerizing experience toy for your little girl.

Many parents have termed these as “Mystery” toys primarily because when kids open up their L.O.L. Surprise, they are entirely oblivion that which doll they are going to get, and it comes with which surprises. This whole process of peeling open the seven layers, each with stickers and messages, until you get to the toy is an experience in itself! These dolls have become so famous that their unboxing and shopping videos on YouTube have more than 20 or 25 million views.

These small dolls with giant Bette Davis eyes are trending among little divas, but we have listed down a few of the best L.O.L. options to choose from for the parents.

1) L.O.L. Surprise Winter Disco Bigger Surprise Includes O.M.G. Fashion Doll

This surprise disco collection will take your child’s Lol surprise dolls collection obsession to a whole new level, mainly because it includes the best L.O.L. surprise O.M.G. fashion dolls. This colossal box contains more than 60 surprises! Yes, you heard that right 60+ L.O.L. surprises! It will be a treat to unbox these many surprises. We have put this Surprise Disco box at the top because of its versatility, and it would be the perfect birthday gift option.

This L.O.L. surprise doll is a limited edition and has been exclusively featured in the Amazon Prime Video: L.O.L. Surprise! Winter disco movie. This fact adds to the popularity of this box!

It includes an exclusive L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Outrageous millennial girls fashion doll with stunning features that include fierce fashions and gorgeous hair.

The following is the list of items that come along:

  • 1 Surprise L.O.L. doll
  • 1 Little sister
  • 1 Pet
  • 1 Boy
  • Many fashion accessories etc
  • Glittery case (Can be used as a storage box as well)

L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Bigger Surprise includes O.M.G. Fashion Doll (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Unbox 60+ never-before-seen surprises, including a limited edition, exclusive family
  • Exclusive family featured in Amazon's L.O.L. Surprise! winter disco movie on Amazon Prime Video
  • Includes 1 exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Outrageous millennial girls fashion doll with stunning features, beautiful hair and fierce fashions.
  • Also includes 1 L.O.L. Surprise! doll, 1 boy, 1 pet and 1 Lil sister, along with all their fashions and accessories.
  • Glittery case can be used as storage and taken on the go.

2) L.O.L. Surprise! Present Surprise Doll with 8 Surprises

This one is the cutest of all as it comes with 8 L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprises alongside the birthday month dolls. Each doll is dressed up individually for the 12 months of the Gregorian calendar, and it is a surprise for your little one to find out if they get their specific birthday month L.O.L. doll or not!

Even these packages are fabulously wrapped up in gift packages topped with a beautiful bow. The dolls are so impressive that they will change their colors and surprise you once you bathe or feed them. This L.O.L. surprise is all about astounding your girl with new surprises while unboxing and playing with it.

Since the dolls dress up according to the party theme, the box includes a party hat and many other party-themed accessories.

Now let’s see who would be able to collect all 12 Birthday month’s Surprise Present dolls.

The primary 8 Surprises include:

  • Secret message
  • Accessories
  • Party Hat
  • Bottle
  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • L.O.L. Surprise Present Dolls

L.O.L. Surprise! Present Surprise Doll with 8 Surprises
  • Unbox the perfect gift and 8 surprises with L. O. L. Surprise Present Surprise.
  • Each package comes already wrapped in a fabulous gift package and bow.
  • New characters are dressed for a party, and each doll is themed after a month of the year. Will you find your birthday month?
  • Feed or bathe your doll for a water surprise, including color change.
  • Includes party themed accessories and a party hat for your doll.

3) L.O.L. Surprise! 2 in 1 Glamper Fashion Camper with 55+ Surprises

This unique Glamper box includes a brand new L.O.L. Surprise Doll from the exclusive collection. It is a massive Glam-Camping set that provides for more than ten hangout areas which include:

  • Slide
  • Bunk beds
  • B.B.Q. patio
  • Light up pool
  • Fashion runway
  • D.J. booth

Alongside all these gifts, it also has 55+ L.O.L. Surprises!

The front of the Glamper kit detaches to become a L.O.L. Car which has working horns and beaming headlights, so your little one can put in their L.O.L. Surprise dolls and go camping with them! The Glamper even extends to 2 feet by 3 feet, a play area fully furnished with working lights and sounds, and becomes a 360-degree play area.

It is also a perfect L.O.L. Surprise option for your little one.

L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper with 55+ Surprises
  • 2-in-1 GLAMPER extends up to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide with over 10 outrageous hangouts to choose from. Detach the front and it becomes a cute car. It has adjustable features that would fit all L.O.L. Surprise dolls and O.M.G. Fashion dolls
  • SPLASH YOUR WAY DOWN: With the 2-story water slide, your presence would always be noticed. Pour water into the pool so your exclusive doll and her friends could dip in. Enjoy sun up to sun down pool parties wherever the road may lead you
  • WORKING LIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Have a glamming way by turning the headlamps while on the road. Sparkle the dun with a working horn that would make your appearance uniquely heard. Enjoy 4 different random light settings for your pool parties too
  • OUTDOOR HAS NEVER BEEN MORE FUN: With surprises that include mixing D.J. Booth, Café, Bunk Beds, Fashion Runway, Vanity Room with mirrors, opening drawers and closets filled with fashion and makeup accessories. BBQ Patio skewers, and more
  • LET US PLAY! Find your exclusive doll which comes with this package. Invite friends for a whole new fashionable camping adventure. Customize your Glamper with colorful stickers. All accessories can be stored in the camper for easy storage

4) L.O.L. Surprise! Furniture School Office With Boss Queen & 10+ Surprises

It is such a cool option for your little boss to help teach the feeling of creating a brighter future for herself and working as a responsible citizen. This furniture school office with boss queen includes more than ten surprises, Surprise Furniture, and L.O.L. fold-out play-set.

This L.O.L. Surprise includes a re-released Series 3 doll which is the very famous Boss Queen! It has four different style variants so let’s see who will collect all 4 of them and style your L.O.L. Surprise house with it.

The essential items in this L.O.L. Surprise box include:

  • Desk
  • Office accessories
  • Desk chair
  • Laptop accessories
  • and a lot more!

Even with the box, you can create a fabulous office play-set.

LOL Surprise Furniture Desk Play School and Office with Boss Queen - Pretend Play Educational Toys Learning Kit with 10+ Surprises
  • UNBOX 10 SURPRISES: Includes re-released Series 3 character Boss Queen doll, ready to work. Comes with a fabulous desk and desk chair, so she can rule the world. She also comes with a laptop accessory, lamp accessory, nameplate, & more.
  • INTERACTIVE EDUCATIONAL TOYS: The Pretend & Play School Set not only supports imaginative play, social interaction, & problem-solving, but encourages school readiness for young students. Now your little one has cool doll furniture to interact with.
  • OFFICE DOLL PRETEND PLAY SET: Fashionable doll and playset comes with classroom piece that has a desk and box folds out to become a glam school office playset for B.B.s to earn that sparkle!
  • SPACE SAVER LEARNING TOY: Box folds out to become a fabulous office playset! Unfold and get all 10 Surprises. Your little ones won’t have to wait long between unboxing and playtime.
  • LOL SURPRISE FURNITURE DOLLS: Find Boss Queen's big sister, Da Boss, in L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Series 3. Collect the whole family! Collect all 4 styles and use furniture with your L.O.L. Surprise! House.

We hope that you liked our selection of this year’s Top 4 L.O.L. Surprise doll picks! Do let us know how your little princess enjoyed these L.O.L. Surprises.

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