Reborn Dolls Clothes – Everything You Should Know

If you’re a fan or have a hobby of collecting reborn baby dolls, you might have browsed the web for “Reborn baby doll clothes girl” or “reborn baby doll clothes boy”. The chances are your search might have made you confused or not fetched the answer you were looking for.

It is for this reason, we have simplified this search for reborn baby doll clothes and put out a chart, which measures the accurate fit for your new doll! It includes both reborn baby doll clothes and accessories.

The following is a chart explaining the reborn baby doll clothes, and its measurements.

Reborn Doll lengthWeight of Real Baby (lbs.)Size
Up to 17.5Up to 5.5Preemie

Heres how to choose clothes for reborn babies

Avoid tight fitting clothes

You should avoid fitting clothes as they are difficult to put on and can restrict the mobility of your baby. It will also look oppressed in tight clothing. These tight fittings can often lead to tearing of your doll limbs as well.

Caution while proceeding with dark colored clothing

These colors are known to give off dye, and it’s best to wash them first and allow them to dry properly too! The next step would be to rub white paper against the dried cloth to suspect it for any stains.

If a stain does turn out on the paper, it definitely will on your doll too! These would ruin the aesthetics and the general look of your doll as well.

Doll them up like a real baby

It is a very common trend amongst collectors to dress up their dolls like real babies. It adds to the realism of the concept and it is highly encouraged too!

A few things to be noted, while putting on the silicone baby clothes are as follows. It is common for people to pull on their fingers, or use a hard touch and force on them. It is recommended to not do either, as it could hurt or disfigure the doll.

The limbs, hands, and feet are delicate features of the doll. They demand light and gentle touches, otherwise they might pop out or even break at awkward or unusual angles. Do not pull on their soft hair either!

Never use wet clothes

The problem with wet clothes is that they fade easily, and the mark they leave behind is impossible to remove. Even if it says the clothes won’t fade, it is not worth the risk.

Another reason would be the material the doll is made out of, which is usually cloth. As a general rule of thumb, cloth is not meant to be left damp.

Apart from clothing, there are a few other accessories you might be interested in, for your doll. They are mentioned below.

Other Accessories


Just like real babies, these dolls have realistic feet. And which baby looks cute without little boots! To get the right fit for your doll, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, on a piece of paper, trace the dolls foot size.
  • Secondly, towards the longest part of the foot, measure the length using a ruler
  • Thirdly, measure the foot side to side to find out the width of the foot
  • Fourthly, go all the way around the foot at the biggest part of the toe area, to find out the toe part’s size.

A table is devised below on how to get the right footwear for your doll!

US SizeAgeCategory
1Newborn to 6 monthsInfant/baby
2Newborn to 6 monthsInfant/baby
36 to 12 monthsInfant/baby
46 to 12 monthsInfant/baby
512 to 18 monthsBaby/toddler
612 to 18 monthsBaby/toddler
718 to 24 monthsBaby/toddler

The next set of accessories includes


Although the dolls may not pee or poo, or even require a diaper for that matter. It is always a nice idea to buy them anyway, it adds to the realism and the actual feeling of what having a baby feels like.

Especially when you have to spend those big bucks for the diapers!

Generally, as a rule of thumb, we would recommend the Newborn Reusable 6-Piece Fit 18-22for dolls. It can be found easily on any online store.

The dimensions for the diapers are (L x W x H) 3 x 2 x 1. They are made out of cotton.

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