Ideas For Halloween Games – 2021

Halloween has been the kids’ favorite holiday of all time. Even after hours of trick-or-treating, fancy costumes, and a lifetime of candy collection, kids always want more fun and adventure on this Spooky Holiday.

Let’s keep your little princesses and superheroes entertained this Halloween with some fun ideas for Halloween games we have gathered for you.

We have a collection of scary ideas for Halloween games so that you can have the perfect Halloween Game Night at home!

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Halloween Game Night

Make this 31st October more special than ever, even if you have to stay at home with your kids.

Scroll down to discover some fantastic ideas for Halloween Games and make this Halloween the perfect Fright Night.

1) Toilet Paper Mummy Sack Race

This Halloween game is not only fun but also highly budget-friendly.

We all have toilet paper at home, and that’s all you need for this game! For this game, you’ll need to make pairs. One person would be the Mummy while the other one would be the wrapper.

The perfect sack race, but with a little bit of twist! Wrap up the legs of your partner with the toilet paper. The first pair to finish the race with no rips in the paper would be the perfect Mummy!

2) Slime-y Skeleton Game

Slime has become kids’ favorite lately.

With slime being so easy to make at home, shooting skeletons with slime is as fun as it sounds.

Glue the skeletons on a board and begin shooting. Let the war begin!

3) Pop the Pumpkin Game

This game is fun but also so rewarding that kids love to play it.

All you need are some orange balloons, tape/glue, and of course CANDY!

Stuff the candy in the balloons and inflate them. Stick the balloons on a wall with tape or glue in a shape of a pumpkin. Make your child pick the balloon and pop it for some yummy sweet surprise inside. Kids love this game!

4) Eye Ball Pong Game

This game is like that of the Beer Pong game but without the Beer and some yummy fruit punch.

Make eyes on the ping pong balls and toss the eyeballs on the table to get them in the cups with the punch.

For each ball going into the punch, the kids get to drink that glass of punch. How delicious!

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5) Face Mask Designing Game

What game could be perfect than this one?

Your kids don’t want to wear the plain surgical masks with their perfect costumes, so why not make a game out of this one and make wearing face masks fun for kids!

With paint, crayons, glitter, and markers, help design the perfect masks for your kids. Don’t forget to capture a picture of your child wearing masks designed by themselves, adding color to their costumes.

6) Pin the Tail Game

Pin the tail has been the oldest, most famous game among children for the longest time.

Make your Pin the tail game just like you want it. It could be Pin the tail on the skeleton or Pin the spider on the web.

Kids get a good laugh playing this one!

7) Pumpkin Decorating Competition

What’s a Halloween game night without pumpkin carving, but obviously with awards.

Kids love when they are appreciated and awarded, so don’t forget to compliment your child on their creativity.

8) Halloween Face Painting

Halloween Game Night cannot be complete without some face painting.

It is the perfect day for spooky face painting. Kids love to have their faces painted and scare people around them.

Make sure to use paints made organically to avoid any reaction to your child’s face, as kids have susceptible skin.

9) Halloween Pumpkin Piñata

This is the most important game of all.

With trick-or-treating having to be cut down due to the ongoing crisis, this holiday can’t be complete without a handful of candy.

Who doesn’t love to break a piñata and collect all the candy that they can! You can easily buy a piñata or make one at home with a large balloon, glue, newspaper, paint, and orange paper for decoration.

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Halloween Kitchen Game

Halloween, being the Freaky Night, requires some spooky food items as well.

So here are some Halloween fun food ideas that you can make with your little ones.

Halloween Fun Food Ideas

Make your Halloween Wickedly Delicious with these Halloween fun food ideas. Make sure your kids help you make these cute spooky treats.

1) Banana Mummies

All you need to make these yummy Banana Mummies are bananas, white chocolate, milk chocolate, lollipop sticks, and M&Ms.

Decorate the banana however you want with white and milk chocolate and use the M&Ms as eyes of the mummies.

Stick it on the lollipop sticks and enjoy these yummy snacks.

2) Sausage Fingers

These are so yummy and much liked by kids.

All you need are sausages and use almonds as nails. Put some ketchup to add a bit of bloody effect.

3) Ghost Cookies

These yummy ghost cookies can be your child’s favorite treat of all time.

Ingredients needed to make these cookies are some chocolate-filled biscuits, white chocolate, and mini chocolate chips.

Coat the chocolate-filled biscuits with the white chocolate and use the mini chocolate chips to make the ghost’s eyes.

4) Scary Cupcake Station

Of course, give your kids a chance to decorate their cupcakes in the spookiest way possible.

Turn this activity into a game, and your kid will enjoy making scary cupcakes and then eat those yummy treats. This activity is not only fun but a treat to the stomach too.

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These Halloween fun food ideas will make your Halloween 2021 at home more fun and exciting than ever.

One does not need to go out of the house to have fun but can stay safe at home and have the perfect Halloween Game Night with their little monsters.

Hoping these ideas for Halloween Games help you make your Halloween this year spooking-ly exciting and alarmingly fun!

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