How To Choose Reborn Doll Clothing? (What Are Suitable Sizes?)

Clothing holds both emotional and ornamental value for humans and is thus a crucial element of life. Reborn baby dolls are no different; clothes are as important to them as us.

It is, therefore, imperative to choose clothing for your realistic little angel, which may be quite tricky, especially if you have no previous knowledge about it.

Selecting the right reborn baby doll clothes and accessories is based on three crucial building blocks: safety, convenience, and function. Satisfying all three when searching for clothes may be particularly hard for first-time reborn parents, which is quite similar to the tendency of first-time baby parents.

But there’s nothing to worry about, as this writing covers a complete guide on choosing the most convenient and suitable clothes for your reborn baby dolls.

Avoid Choosing Tight Fitting Clothes

No matter how adorable tight-fitting clothes seem, choosing them for your reborn baby dolls is not wise. In fact, fitting is one of the first things you need to consider when shopping, ensuring that you do not opt for clothing that needs to be forced onto your soft and delicate baby dolls.

Clothing that is difficult and tight to put on may negatively impact your baby doll’s skin and may even cause some other complications causing it to get damaged quite soon.

In addition, a tight reborn doll’s cloth body restricts the mobility of your baby, as putting on tight-fitting clothes on a silicone baby doll puts unnecessary pressure on the limbs of your doll.

Your reborn doll may look oppressed and restricted in those clothes, which may be even harder to come off than on. In severe cases, they may even tear off the limbs of your dainty reborn doll.

Choose The Right Clothing Size For Your Reborn Baby Doll

How To Choose Reborn Doll Clothing

One of the most crucial elements that need to be kept in mind when choosing reborn baby doll clothing is size, which closely correlates with fitting. It is commonly tricky for people to comprehend which clothing size would work the best for their reborn baby doll, which poses numerous problems, especially while shopping online.

Since a majority of reborn baby doll clothes are available online and very few physical shops are present, ordering dresses may become a hassle.

Choosing too tight clothing may put your delicate baby doll in danger, and opting for baggy, oversized clothes may ruin your adorable reborn doll’s whole look and personality.

Let us take a comprehensive look at the reference sizes for your reborn baby dolls so that you can make a well-informed decision when choosing reborn doll clothing.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the pound here indicates the weight of a real baby, not a reborn baby doll.

10-16 Inch Cloth Body Reborn Dolls

A human preemie usually has a size of up to 17 inches and may typically weigh around 5lb. Therefore, the clothes for reborn baby dolls below 17 inches, like 10 or 16 inches, would need to be customized or bought on order.

18-21 Inches Reborn Doll Clothing

Newborn baby dolls, about 18-21 inches in size, usually wear clothes the size of a real infant baby weighing around 5 to 8 lbs.

22 Inches Reborn Baby Doll Clothing

Reborn baby dolls about 22 inches in size can wear a baby’s clothes who is around three months of age.

24 Inches Reborn Doll Clothing

Reborn baby dolls about 24 inches in size should wear a baby’s clothes who is about six months of age.

28 Inches Reborn Baby Doll Clothing

Reborn baby dolls ranging in the 27-28 inches size parameters can wear clothes of a baby aged about 12 months or one year.

Which Size Clothes Are Suitable For Reborn Doll Clothing?

Another mode of classification of reborn baby doll clothes is in the baby’s size instead of age and is as follows. Keep in mind that a pound is the size of a real baby, not the weight of a reborn baby doll.

Micro Preemie – 10 inches

Reborn baby dolls 10 inches in size usually wear baby clothes made for babies weighing 0-1lb.

Preemie – 12 inches

Reborn baby dolls about 12 inches in size wear clothes labeled for babies weighing 1lb-1.5lb.

Preemie – 14 inches

Reborn baby dolls about 14 inches in size wear clothes made for a 2lb-2.5lb baby.

Preemie – 15 inches

If your reborn baby doll is about 15 inches in size, you should choose clothes made for a 2.5lb-3lb baby. 

Preemie – 16 inches

Reborn baby dolls 16 inches in size wear clothes for babies weighing 3lb-4lb.

Small Newborn – 18 inches

Reborn baby dolls 18 inches in size wear clothes designated for babies weighing 5lb-6lb, which is size 00000.

 Newborn – 20 inches

Reborn baby dolls 20 inches in size wear baby clothes made for 7lb-8lb newborn babies, with the size coming to 0000.

0 – 3 months old baby – 22 inches

Reborn baby dolls wear baby clothes designed for one to three months old babies in size 000.

 4 – 6 months old baby – 24 inches

Reborn baby dolls about 24 inches in size wear clothes made for four to six-month-old babies.

What Size Do Reborn Baby Clothes Wear In U.S Sizing Chart?

Newborn – up to 20 inches

Newborn baby dolls up to 20 inches in size wear the U.S size NB.

0 – 3 months

Newborn baby dolls about 20-23.5 inches in length wear the U.S. size 3M, suitable for newborn babies aged up to three months.

3-6 months

Reborn baby dolls about 24-25.5 inches in length wear the U.S. size 6M, suitable for babies aged 3 to 6 months.

6-9 months

Reborn babies about 26-27.5 inches in length wear the U.S clothing size 9M, made for babies approximately 6-9 months of age.

Keeping this guide in mind when shopping, you can choose the best clothes for your reborn baby doll no matter which sizing chart you come across.

Stick To Your Budget When Opting For The Latest Fashion Trends

Although every reborn baby doll parent, just like a human baby parent, wishes to choose the best and most expensive clothes for their babies, it is crucial to keep your budget in view when making such shopping choices.

The overall appearance of a reborn baby doll plays a vital role in making it look realistic and presentable, but that cannot be achieved only through money.

You can use your creative dressing sense to put together amazing-looking outfits for your baby doll and bask in pride over your reborn baby, looking totally in style and highly attractive.

In addition, looking through the latest fashion trends for reborn baby dolls can allow your reborn parents to identify the most suitable pieces of clothing for their dolls.

However, it is crucial to ensure that they do not fall into the pit of fashion, which sucks one in and strips them of their money. You can avoid buying the clothes that your reborn baby does not need presently or those that do not seem to justify their price tag.

Looking at these clothes is good enough for inspiration alone if you cannot afford them, and if you can, the sky’s your limit.

Always Prefer Durability Over Style

How To Choose Reborn Doll Clothing1

The primary purpose of wearing clothes for reborn baby dolls is to increase their durability, prevent them from getting scratched or damaged, and hide their nakedness. Appearing attractive comes far lower on the list.

Thus, clothes for reborn baby dolls, and in many cases, human babies, should be bought while keeping the order of this list in view. If you want to buy clothes for your reborn baby, preferring durability over style is a wise choice.

It is highly unwise to opt for clothes that look pretty but are made of material that would fail to serve their purpose.

In addition, buying durable and good-quality clothes for your reborn baby dolls may save you from the hassle of buying new clothes considerably sooner than expected, simply because the previous ones got worn out pretty fast.

For instance, choosing cotton-based garments is a good clothing investment for your reborn babies, mainly because of their inherent durability.

Use Dark Colored Clothing With Care

If you choose to opt for dark-colored reborn baby doll clothing, you need to take extra pains for it. Dark-colored clothes may likely give out the dye, which may affect your reborn baby doll’s skin.

Therefore, it is advisable to wash dark-colored clothes first and let them dry properly before putting them on your reborn doll.

You may also need to do a rub test beforehand, which entails taking a piece of white paper and rubbing it against the dark-colored reborn baby clothes to ensure that the color does not give out.

If the white paper shows a leak or signs of color, those clothes can inevitably lose their color on your adorable vinyl baby doll. Having unrealistic, ugly, and blotchy color patches at random locations on your soft silicone reborn baby doll is bound to look terrible.

Therefore, you should not force clothing on your reborn doll that might make it uncomfortable, just as you wouldn’t be expected to wear clothes that make you uncomfortable.

You might be amazed at how beautiful even apparently simple but comfortable and durable clothing can look on your cute little reborn baby doll.

Final Words

Choosing to clothe a reborn baby doll can be a tricky endeavor. Still, it is crucial to keep a few aspects in mind before deciding, and your adorable little reborn baby doll is bound to look the prettiest of all.

Opting for durable, light-colored, and good-quality clothes is always a wise choice, may it be a real human baby or a reborn baby doll. You can easily use the size guide mentioned above to buy the right fitting clothes for your reborn doll and flaunt its attractiveness around!

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