How To Buy Clothes For Reborn Baby?

Reborn dolls is a thing. A quick glance at them may leave you confused and thinking about whether they’ll stand up and walk or not.

But they aren’t real. However, the intent behind their manufacturing is to offer a real baby experience to whoever gets them. Before we get on to choosing their clothing, let’s have a look at what these are and what purpose they are intended to serve.

What are reborn dolls?

Reborn dolls are handmade dolls, but unlike the regular dolls, these ones are made to look exactly like a human baby. It would not be wrong to call them lifelike dolls. They are so real so times it seems that it’s actually a human baby.

Well, the main goal of these dolls is to offer child-less mothers a therapeutic experience. Lots and lots of females around the world go through the unfortunate experience of miscarriage. And to some, the news is broken that they can’t conceive.

These dolls were initially crafted to fill up a gap in the lives of such females. These dolls look like real human babies, and some of the more hyper-realistic ones come attached with breathing mechanisms and excretory mechanisms as well.

It depends on what you get. Some of them even cry and get ‘diseases’ so as to offer as realistic an experience as possible. The intent behind their creation was somewhat understandable, but the focus has now kind of shifted.

There’s a whole community built up around these reborn dolls. They aren’t there for just maternal comfort anymore. People like to collect them. A lot of them. Some people also get these dolls for their babies. You can get these from anywhere between $100 to above a couple of thousand dollars.

Again, it depends upon the feature that you want in the doll.

Why are they clothed?

People who have a baby don’t keep them naked unnecessarily, right?

So clothing these dolls is the part of the ‘experience’. You get the doll clothed as if you’d do to your own baby. As the community is evolving, more and more features keep on adding to enhance the experience. Now, you can find a variety of clothes that you can purchase for your doll.

You may want one thing when you are taking it to a reborn doll party. You may want another when you clean up their potty and pee and get them changed. You may as well get some to keep your doll in style.

Whatever it is, there are certain things to consider when it comes to clothing your reborn doll.

What size clothes for reborn doll clothing?

Choosing the right size clothing for your baby doll is essential. Sure, they won’t grow out of it, but you need to get them the right fit.

There’s so much variety available it’s easy to get carried away and get something irrelevant.

Getting the right size for your reborn mostly depends upon knowing and understanding the doll. The clothes for these dolls aren’t usually different from that of human babies. Down below, we shall explain to you the different doll sizes and how to choose the right clothes for each.

20 inch reborn doll clothes

A 20-inch doll is roughly the same size as a real newborn baby who is usually 5 to 8 pounds.

So, if you get a doll of that size, you’ll need to get the clothes accordingly.

10 inch reborn doll clothes

A 10-inch doll is a really small one. Something up to a pound. It can be a chore to find clothes so small. But with the right vendor, you can surely find some great variety.

16 inch reborn doll clothes

A 1-inch reborn doll is comparable to a 3-4lb baby. This one is a good one to have as your first doll. It’s manageable in any case, whether you get one for yourself or for a toddler to play with.

17 inch reborn baby doll clothes

A 17-inch sort of falls in the same category as the 16-inch doll. It’s obviously a little bigger than that. But selecting clothes for a 16 or 17-inch doll is somewhat the same.

You can find a great variety for this category.

22 reborn doll clothes

This one is like a 3-month-old baby. You can get clothes for these dolls from anywhere. Basically, there are great options and fashion trends available in these sizes.

Sure, there are some awesome clothing options available for other sizes as well. But this one, in particular, has elaborate options.

How to choose reborn doll clothing?

How to choose reborn doll clothing (1)

This is a little bit of a challenge. There’s just so much to choose from.

This is where you realise that size isn’t the only factor of consideration when you want to get clothes for the reborn babies. Let us walk you through a few points that’ll help you choose the right clothes for your reborn.

Keep them breathable

You don’t want to lock the dolls into clothes that are made to the dot with their inches. Keep the clothing light and breezy. This is to keep the baby away from any damage plus, it looks really weird, and people generally frown upon it.

You don’t want to put your baby into something oversized but also not something that’s super tight.

Follow the fashion

There are several online platforms where you can pay a visit and get ideas.

You should make sure that your reborn is a fashion statement. Plus, there are several DIY clothing ideas as well that you can follow to modify clothes that your baby already has.

You can also search for different reborn baby doll clothes and accessories ideas and make your baby look unique. But remember, always have a watch in your pocket. Blindly following the trends can extract some serious money out of you.

In the end, it’s just about finding the right balance and making your reborn doll look dope.

Look out for durability

There are lots of flashy clothes in the market that won’t last a week considering their built quality. You must choose clothes that are made to last.

Again, if you are buying something for a one-off thing, then anything may be fine. But if you want reborn dolls for the long-term, then invest in clothes rather than spend on them.

Choose the right colors

Look at the baby’s skin tone and then make the judgment.

Also, some dolls leave their color dyes for some time after you buy them. Make sure to get the right colors so that the clothes look good on the doll and also not soak in the leaked dye.


Getting the right clothes for your reborn baby doll can be an exciting venture.

However, just blindly putting in anything that shines into the basket can cost you money and may not even be good for your doll. Consider the several relevant aspects mentioned above before you make purchases so that you get something that truly looks good on the baby. And you enjoy watching that.

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