Health Benefits And Different Types of Roller Skates For Kids

If you are someone who is on the lookout for the best roller skates for kids, you are at the right place. Roller skating is an experience that kids fondly remember even after growing up. Some still do it as adults!

Given how fun roller skating can be, kids can go for hours engaging with this activity. From learning new tricks while putting on roller skates to enjoying outside with other kids and making memories, roller skating can be a joyous activity.

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There is a question that remains unanswered, though: are there any health benefits of roller skating? 

Top 6 health benefits of roller skating    

Improves your mood 

 Roller skating can completely change your mood! If you are unhappy or sad about something, the physical activity required for roller skating releases endorphins in our brains – the chemicals that make you happy! 

Great for socializing  

 Roller skating is also proven to be an excellent social activity.

When kids go out roller skating, they form strong friendships and bonds with their peers. It instills in them the skill of socializing. And makes sure their mental health remains intact by making friends and feeling a sense of belonging.

Perfect exercise for the heart 

 Roller skating is also great for the heart!

Nowadays, when most kids prefer sitting indoors and playing a game that quickly gets replaced by another game, roller skating can be the perfect physical exercise for them.

It ensures you move your entire body and consequently improves the flow of your blood. So if you think your child is not getting much exercise, you might always have the option to ask them to go out and roller skate! 

Makes coordination and balance better

 Roller skating is also proven to significantly make different aspects like coordination, walking quickly, and balance much better.

As anyone who is roller skating is required to keep their core muscles tight throughout the process, it can improve your kid’s abdomen and back muscles.

It will ensure they walk upright! Similarly, ensuring your legs remain in coordination with your movements when you are roller skating makes your balance better as well. 

Increases endurance

Given how beneficial roller skating is for strengthening the heart and improving the formation of vital muscles, it is also likely to increase your kid’s endurance as well.

Their stamina capacity will grow much more due to continued exertion – as roller skating in itself is a great workout, no matter how old you are! 

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5 different types of roller skates

We all know getting the best roller skates for kids can get troubling too.

If you do not know what type of roller skates you are looking for, you might end up getting the wrong pair of roller skates.

To avoid that, you might find it beneficial to familiarize yourself with the different types of roller skates that people most often get.

Freestyle Skates

 These skates are most suitable for tricks, stunts, or jumps.

Something that makes these skates unique and better for these purposes solely is a firm boot. Which is coupled with a solid frame that is adjustable as you please.

They provide a lot of support, acceleration, and resistance if you are looking to perform tricks while roller skating. It does not make a difference how skilled you are at skating – you can be an apprentice or even an experienced skater.

Fitness skates

Experienced skaters who can skate at a fast pace can benefit from fitness skates.

They are best for workout purposes as you have the liberty to skate at whatever speed you find suitable on tracks. They have a high focus point, and the size of their wheels mostly ranges from 80-100mm – perfect for people who like to skate quickly.

However, these aspects of roller skating come at a cost: you end up having poor agility, which might get troubling as well. They provide a lot of comfort to their users and fall within a range of categories that consumers can select.

Aggressive Skates

 As the name suggests, these skates are very effective for skating on ramps, rails, skate-parks, or rough tracks.

They help you jump as well while skating. As they have a solid frame and a firm boot with bigger wheels, they give you a lot of speed while skating.

Perfect for giving you comfort, stability, and friction – these skates are highly useful when you intend to skate on-ramps. However, they also end up slowing you down due to their increased weight.

Speed Skates

 These skates are best for when you plan on skating at high speeds.

They are light in weight with a low and firm boot and the least amount of padding. Mostly, they do not come with a break and have solid wheels.

They have many wheels – 5 in previous models for a higher speed, but the newer ones come with 3 wheels. These wheels are also bigger as opposed to those of regular skates. It is what allows you to ride at a faster speed.

However, one con of this particular aspect of speed skates is that it ends up putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your ankles. 

Trekking Skates

 Trekking skates are perfect for dancing while skating.

Most people wear these skates when they are jam skating or engaging in roller dance. There is a small break at the front of such skates to give you stability, which helps you be more agile and move with ease.

However, these skates can be too speedy and might compromise on comfort a bit. The shape of the skate is different and depends on what purpose someone wants to use it for.

Figure skating has skates with a high boot – the same goes for recreational skating. But a boot that has a lower ankle is mainly made for experienced skaters or those who intend to jam dance. 

We hope you enjoyed our basic guide to roller skates along with their benefits and top tips for getting them. Do let us know how you found this article!

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