Best Dolls for Boys – We Find the Top 10 Dolls for Boys!

Best dolls for boys

Boys typically get trucks and building toys for play, but dolls can be an essential part of your son’s life, too. Dolls help teach boys empathy skills and help them develop critical nurturing skills that can benefit them in later relationships. They’re also great for allowing boys to imagine and role play. I’ve got some … Read more

Best Breathing Reborn Dolls (Reviewed 2021)

Katie Breathes

Breathing reborn dolls are the pinnacle of realism. They look and sound like an actual baby and make great toys or collector’s items. Some of them are even suitable for therapy dolls. This list includes the best breathing reborn dolls, all made with the loving touch of master doll makers and each one includes that beautiful breath action that makes … Read more

7 Best Anatomically Correct Baby Dolls (Reviewed 2021)

Tinneke Janssens

Dolls don’t often have the one piece that actually distinguishes boys from girls, anatomically correct parts. If you’re ready for your child to have a better understanding of his or her body and aren’t afraid of a little science, an anatomically correct doll could be a good choice. These dolls may be surprising at first, but they can help introduce basic concepts such as anatomy, cleanliness, and simply answer questions children … Read more

Best Talking Dolls that can Sing For Your Little Baby Girl

Best talking dolls

Talking dolls are one of the hallmarks of childhood, but when your child is ready to take full advantage, how do you know which one to get? Talking dolls come in all different forms and capabilities, but your child’s perfect doll will depend a lot on their personality. In this list, you can discover a variety of talking dolls and find the perfect one for your child. Each … Read more