Do Reborn Baby Dolls Really Eat?

All those people who have reborn baby dolls – you know you have at least wondered once whether your reborn baby doll really eat. 

A reborn baby doll acts similar to a real baby. It needs to be cleaned, showered, taken care of, and put to sleep. 

With all these things, it is no surprise that you can also feed a reborn baby doll. 

do reborn baby dolls really eat

Yes, they do! Even though it requires dedication and commitment, the happiness a reborn baby doll gives to its parents cannot be put into words.

What To Feed A Reborn Baby Doll?

Use liquid substances to feed your reborn baby doll. If a pipe is attached inside their throat, you will notice it going down in their stomach.

It is the pipe that carries food. Liquid substances can quickly go down in it, not causing trouble for the reborn doll or you.

However, reborn baby dolls cannot consume anything solid. Be wary of that. If you repeatedly feed your reborn baby doll something solid, the chances are that mold will start growing inside it over time. 

Real food will tend to adhere to the insides of the throat of a reborn baby doll – an area that is virtually impossible to clean. 

How To Make Fake Food For Your Reborn Baby Doll?

Most reborn baby dolls‘ parents get excited at the prospect of feeding their dolls. At the same time, though, they are confused about what they can feed their reborn baby dolls. 

You might want to be near a sink or a faucet when you intend to make food for your reborn baby doll. 

Grab a couple of bottles or sippy cups – it is up to you. Also, have a few lotions, flour, a measuring spoon, food coloring, vanilla, and some small containers with you. 

White Laundry Detergent For Making Milk

The easiest way of making milk for your reborn baby doll is to use a white laundry detergent

The laundry detergent looks just as natural milk does. It has a consistency similar to that of milk, and the fact that it is unscented does not remind you that you are using laundry detergent.  

Using Water And Flour To Make Milk

Another way of making milk for your reborn baby doll is to mix water and flour in a bottle or sippy cup

There is no strict recipe you need to follow for this method: fill a bottle up with water to the point that you want it to be and add some flour.

Then shake it till it mixes well

Be careful of one thing, though: you cannot leave the mixture for days as it has a very disgusting smell. Use it when you want to feed your doll, and there is nothing else you can rely on. 

Using Lotion For Making Milk

This way of making milk might be the quickest way you can make milk for your reborn baby doll. 

Fill your bottle up with water and put some lotion into it. Shake it up nicely. 

One drawback of using this milk method is that the lotion sticks to the side of the bottle if you do not shake it well. 

Chocolate Milk

You can use the same technique as when you want to make milk with flour and water.

The only addition to it would be the vanilla. You add vanilla to the mixture to give its texture a similar feel to that of chocolate milk

Grab a bottle or a sippy cup. Add water to it till it fills up nicely. Then, add some flour to it – remember, you might think you are adding less flour, but it is the opposite in actuality. 

The less flour you add, the better. Shake it up thoroughly. Once you have the mixture, you can then add vanilla to it. The vanilla would add the chocolate color to the milk. 

Do Reborn Baby Dolls Really Eat 1

How To Feed A Reborn Baby Doll?

If you want your reborn baby doll to eat something, you might want to make sure you are ready for it beforehand.

Firstly, prepare your reborn baby doll’s food. You can do so in a feeder or bottle that has a nipple at the top. Gently pour the powder into the feeder and mix it with some water.

After mixing it with water, shake the feeder lightly so that the powder properly gets stirred adequately. 

Then, hold your reborn baby doll and wrap it in a towel to avoid any inconveniences. 

Once you have wrapped your reborn baby doll in a towel, gently hold it in your arms. One hand should be under the back of your doll’s head, and with the other, you should be holding the feeder.

Gently insert the nipple of the feeder into the doll’s mouth and hold it firmly.

Press the feeder to make sure the mixture is leaving the bottle freely – if air bubbles form inside the feeder, it means your reborn baby doll is drinking the mixture. 

You can use a towel to clean the mouth of your reborn baby doll if the liquid mixture begins to come out of it. 

In that case, make sure you also position your doll’s head in such a manner that it is easy for the mixture to go down through the pipe in its throat.

If you position it at a slightly upward angle, it might be hard for the liquid to go down the reborn baby doll’s throat. 

Reborn baby dolls cannot consume anything solid. Be wary of that.

Do Reborn Baby Dolls Really Eat


Taking care of a reborn baby doll can be as joyous as looking after a real baby. It can give you an excellent experience of having a real baby.

When you are concerned about what your reborn baby doll needs to eat, you will get to make food for your doll. After you have fed the doll, you would have to clean it up as well. 

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