A Comparison of Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

Spektrum has been known worldwide for years as a trailblazer in the area of radio systems.

Its innovations have continuously breathed life into the RC community with its contributions, and this article is a testament that it did so again in 2016 by creating a computerized radio that offers premium features at an acceptable price.

Spektrum DX6E 6Ch Transmitter e1565104917739 1

Back in 2014, Spektrum created the DX6, which was a more improved iteration of the DX6i. While it did not offer the full functionality of a more premium unit, such as the DX9, many features of the DX9 were wrapped into this budget unit.

For example, while it had fewer channels than the DX9, it offered features such as voice alerts and telemetry built into the design.

Of course, not everyone is willing to spend that kind of money, and Spektrum doesn’t want to lose out on a customer base because of that.

Therefore, the DX6e was released in 2016 for those who wanted something that was better than the DX6i but not as pricey as the DX6.

The DX6e – Let’s Talk about it

Spektrum DX6E 6Ch Transmitter

The DX6e has a less antiquated and a sleeker look, and though it’s a budget option, I must let you know that it feels like anything but.

One of the standout features is the amount of programming options and features available in something that is billed as a budget option. Some of these include:

Programming options for various model types


Three flight modes, six tail types, four mixes that are programmable, seven wing types, a flap system that has built in elevator compensation, etc.


Five flight modes, three tail types, four preset mixes, four wing types, a camber preset, etc.


Warnings, checklists, various channel inputs (YAW, PIT, ROL, ALT)


Three flight modes, four adjustable mixes, two swash plate types, etc.

  1. Multiple 2-position and 3-position switches
Spektrum DX6E 6Ch Transmitter Switches e1565104513956 1
  1. Telemetry
  2. Model sharing with cross-platform support to other Spektrum transmitters.

The DX6e is a great device for novices as its design is perfect for being a first transmitter. It provides numerous channels for beginners and offers quite a bit of memory for future models.

The Model Match helps in ensuring things are kept straight between your models and there’s no need to worry about flying in concentrated RF environments as DSMX has you covered.

The device also has a wireless trainer and a very useful backlit LCD screen.

Spektrum 1

The only real immediate problem is the fact that rechargeable batteries are not included.

Differences between the DX6e and the DX6

 How many differences do you think there are? Well, they are surprisingly few, and they may not even be that important to you.

Wired trainer

This is probably the biggest difference between the two. The DX6e only uses a wireless trainer. On the other hand, the DX6 has a wired trainer link. This allows it to effectively support tactic Anylink units and most PC simulators. The DX6e’s lack of wired capability means it cannot be used in this way.

Voice Alerts

While the DX6 has voice alert support, the DX6e does not. However, it does give off alerts in the form of various tones and beeps. Note, however, that the need for this varies depending on the pilot.

Antenna configuration

The DX6e uses an adjustable antenna, which is an improvement over the initial DX6 model that used a single fixed antenna. Nowadays, however, the DX6 uses a diversity antenna.

While there are other differences such as the slightly more curved case of the DX6e and the way the power switch must now be held for powering off, the three above are the major ones.


Though the DX6e is billed as an entry level device, it is quite exceptional in its design and is an obvious step up from the DX6i.

The upscale features of the unit such as the four model types and the fact that it has 250 model memory are a testament to the fact that Spektrum wants to give quality at a lower price.

In fact, if you do not need voice alerts and you have no use for a wired trainer, the DX6e is probably the best value for you.

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  1. Hi, I have been a wheel chair user for14 years now, from 27 years as a kick ass bassist to picking up my first rc plane take off/ landed myself I was hooked. Amazing what the human mind can do!!! Thanks to y’all I will be going for my glider rating as soon as the airport buys that adapted glider.( damn rudder!!) my dx6e simply died but I am getting a new one today. Is they a such thing as too many hours?? Thank you for keeping my literally alive for a reason, sincerely,
    Robert M Kosick

  2. Can you tell me if the AC adapter for the DX6e will fit the DX6? I have a DX6 and lost the AC adapter and cannot locate one anywhere. Horizon Hobby helped me to buy one, and when it arrived the plug is much too large for the receptacle in the back of the DX6. I can find adapters for the DX6e but I am not sure if it will fit. Thank you.


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